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Using the Site Planner to Confidently Plan Camera Placement

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Using the Site Planner to Confidently Plan Camera Placement

Click the link below to access Site Planner,

Customers can be confident that they have purchased the right site monitoring equipment to achieve the appropriate field of view with their Sensera Systems’ cameras by using Site Mapper.

It’s easy to use and guide you towards the optimal position for all cameras at a site.


To begin, input the address or location of your site, or locate it using the embedded Google Map below the “Address or Location” field.


Site Planner will automatically add a rectangle to the map, which is used to define the site boundaries on the map. To adjust, click and drag the corner of the rectangle to the desired size and shape of the site boundary. You can expand this rectangle to accommodate more complex job site shapes; simply click and drag at any vertex.

To undo the last change, select the “Undo” button, which appears after re-positioning or expanding the rectangle.

You also have the ability to choose “Map” or “Satellite” in the upper left corner of the map to toggle between the road view and satellite imagery.


At any point, you can also click anywhere inside the job site polygon and drag to re-position the job boundary on the map. You can also utilize the “Re-Center Polygon” to move your site boundary to the center of the map on screen.

Once you are satisfied with your site boundaries, click the “Add Camera” button to add a camera to the job site.


A camera icon will then appear on the site map. Refine the location of the camera by dragging it to the desired position and view the camera’s field of view as represented by an orange cone. This will accurately depict the actual field of a view of a Sensera camera within your job site boundaries.

After clicking on the camera, the rotation slider will appear on the left side of the screen.


Using this slider, you can rotate the camera on the map, adjusting its field of view to capture the portion of the job site you wish to document.

You can also click on the “Trash Can” icon to delete the camera or choose “Add Camera” to add more cameras to the Site Mapper. To remove all placed cameras, simply select “Clear Camera Positions”.


Once you have established your job site boundaries, and placed your cameras on the map, you can take screenshots to share with relevant stakeholders such as owners and subcontractors.

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