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Easy Solar Panel Orientation with SenserAlign

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Easy Solar Panel Orientation with the SenserAlign Solar Panel Mobile App

The SenserAlign Mobile App allows users to set up their solar panels with a precise angle for a given location and time of year.

Downloading the App

  1. Access the app store from your mobile device and search for “SenserAlign”
  2. Download the SenserAlign app to your device and open it

Using the SenserAlign App

  1. Place your mobile device on the solar panel mounting arm
  2. Select “Calibrate” from the screen and follow the instructions on the “Calibration” screen (Picture A and B)
  3. Click “Direction” and rotate your mounting arm until the arrow lines up correctly (Picture C and D)
  4. Click “Angle”, select the frequency, and tilt the mounting arm until the blue and green segments are aligned (Picture E)
The SenserAlign app is a free download.
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