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Quick Start Checklist

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Quick Start Checklist

This checklist is intended to provide a summary of the action items needed to complete installation and setup of your Sensera Systems camera solution. This applies to camera models: MC26, MC78, MC88, SiteWatch-PRO2 and PTZ600.

  1. Unbox your order
  2. Watch the Getting Started Video Series
  3. Create or access your SiteCloud account (
  4. Register your new camera
  5. Turn on the camera and take an On-Demand image, or start LiveStream video
  6. Enable the key essential feature for your camera model (MC Series: time-lapse, SiteWatch: motion triggering)
  7. Install your solar panel or AC Power Adapter*
  8. Mount your camera:
    Camera Installation Guide
    Camera Installation Guide – XL Models
  9. Use LiveStream video to adjust the camera angle, as needed
  10. Enable advanced camera features such as LiveView and DVR

*All Sensera Systems camera orders include an Indoor AC Power Adapter. 

Click the following links for full technical specifications on the MC26MC78MC88 and SiteWatch Pro

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