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Camera Installation Guide-XL Models

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Camera Installation Guide-XL Models

For XL Line of MC78, MC88 and SiteWatch-PRO2 Cameras

Part I:  Registering your Camera

  1. Launch an internet browser and go to SiteCloud (
  2. Click on “Create a new Sensera Webapp Account” and enter desired username, email, password, and click “Submit”
  3. Within SiteCloud, click on “Sites” on the upper right of the screen
  4. Click on “Register New Device” and enter your Camera Name, Serial Number, Time Zone, Site Name and click “Submit”
  5. Press the black power button under the camera until a solid light appears and the camera vibrates.  The camera will appear under the “Sites” page as “Online”

Part II:  Installing your Solar Panels

  1. Ensure placement of your solar panels are free of sunlight obstructions that create a shadow over ANY part of the solar panel.  Special attention should be considered when placing your camera in between your two solar panels
  2. Solar panels should face South (North, if below the Equator) and all steel bands provided, used to secure them
  3. Run steel band through the oval openings on the solar panel mounting arm, on top and bottom
  4. Using the included 7 MM nutsetter or your own power drill, tighten the steel bands until secured (Picture A)
  5. Adjust the tilt angle of the solar panel to ensure it is at the recommended angle
  6. Ensure solar panel is in the middle of the two wing nuts, slide onto mounting arm, and tighten
  7. Repeat above steps for your second solar panel, then connect second solar panel cable into additional connector (Picture B)

Picture A

Picture B

Part III:  Installing your Camera

  1. Ensure placement of camera is in between your solar panels and faces desired area
  2. Take the camera mounting arm and remove the flat side of the mounting bracket from the arm (Picture C)
  3. Attach the flat mounting bracket to the back of the camera using the four short bolts and tighten them using the 10MM side of the included wrench (Picture D)
  4. Take the two remaining steel bands and loop them through the angled bracket of the mounting arm.  If you have a smaller pole, use the additional bracket to mount the arm instead of steel bands (Picture E)
  5. Place the angled bracket on the pole and loop the steel bands through the steel band lock
  6. Using the included 7 MM nutsetter or your power drill, tighten the steel bands until secured
  7. Attach the camera and tighten the remaining bolt using the ½ side of the wrench provided (Picture F)
  8. Tighten all bolts and steel bands, as needed
  9. Connect the solar panel cable to the back of the camera.  Make sure you slide the rotating black cap until it CLICKS into place (Picture G)
  10. Before leaving site, check aiming of camera by taking a test picture (see steps below)
  11. Wrap excess solar panel cable or secure with a Velcro strap.  Installation is complete (Picture H)

Part IV:  Taking a Test Picture

  1. Launch an internet browser and enter web address and log into your account
  2. Click “View” (upper right of screen) and select the camera button on the left side of the screen
  3. Click “Take Picture Now”
  4. View the “On Demand” picture you just took and realign camera angle as needed.  Take another picture to verify and repeat until desired alignment achieved (Picture J)

Part V:  Additional Notes on SiteWatch-PRO2 XL  Installation

SiteWatch-PRO2 XL should be within 100′ of your desired motion detection area to achieve optimal performance of your illuminator.

Please Note:  Before taking the camera to your site for physical installation, “Motion Triggering” should be turned OFF and later enabled, once the desired camera angle is achieved.  Failure to do so will result in unnecessary cellular data consumption

  1. Ensure camera and solar panels are installed first
  2. Camera should be between your solar panels and face the area where you want to capture pictures
  3. Take your illuminator with attached mounting bracket and insert both steel bands into the oval openings on the side (Picture K)
  4. Position the illuminator below your camera and loop the steel band into the steel band lock
  5. Angle the illuminator slightly as shown in the below image (Picture L)
  6. Repeat the steps for tightening the camera, for your illuminator
  7. Connect your solar panel and illuminator to the back of your camera; plugs are all color coded.  Twist the plastic connector until secure (Picture M)
  8. Connect second solar panel cable into additional connector
  9. Installation is complete


Part VI:  Requesting the complimentary Outdoor AC Power Adapter

All Sensera Systems camera orders include an Outdoor AC Power Adapter. To request your complimentary Adapter, please contact our Finance team at 800.657.0437 Ext. 104. Restrictions apply.


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