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SiteCloud Monitoring Services with SiteWatch PRO3

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SiteCloud Remote Monitoring with SiteWatch PRO3

Welcome to SiteCloud Remote Monitoring Services! As part of Sensera Systems’ cutting-edge construction technology, our services offer real-time, efficient, and secure site monitoring. This guide will walk you through the process from setup to configuring your monitoring service. Let’s get started!

Step 1: Camera Registration 

First you’ll want to ensure that your camera is registered with SiteCloud, and that you can access it via your SiteCloud account. For detailed instructions, visit the following links:

Step 2: Camera Installation

Before Monitoring eligibility can be determined, you’ll need to install your camera on site

For detailed camera and solar panel installation instructions, please refer to our Installation Guide

Our SitePlanner tool can assist with camera placement ideas and includes a visual indicator of camera field of view. 

When selecting a location and installing your camera, keep these guidelines in mind:

    • Positioning: Place your camera close to the primary area of surveillance (focal area within 150 feet of the camera)
    • Activity: It’s important to avoid roads or public areas in the motion-triggering area, this can lead to unneeded triggers that may impact your Monitoring experience. 
    • Focal Area: Center the motion-triggering area in the camera’s frame. (See image below)
    • Navigation: The camera should be easily accessible from the jobsite entrances, please make note of any walking directions to the camera. 

Ensure your camera is securely mounted with all screws and fasteners tightly fastened to prevent movement during operation.

Step 3: Camera Position Verification 

After installation, access SiteCloud on your mobile device and take an ‘On Demand‘ photo to verify that the camera is correctly positioned according to the steps above.

Step 4: Onboarding Session 

Book an onboarding session with our Customer Success team via our online calendar.

Please note: An onboarding session and approval are required in order to utilize SiteCloud Monitoring Services

Prepare to provide the following information during the session:

    • Verified Jobsite Postal Address
    • Directions to the camera from the jobsite entrance
    • Entrance instructions and any entry codes
    • Full names and contact details of alarm recipients

When it’s time for your session, join the meeting using the Google Meet link in the invitation.

Step 5: Camera Configuration and Test 

During the onboarding session, we’ll remotely access your camera, confirm correct positioning, and set a test schedule to assess the system’s suitability for monitoring. This session typically lasts 45-60 minutes. 

Once the test schedule is enabled, the camera must remain active on the test schedule for up to 5 days to fully assess monitoring viability. 

Step 6: Approval Process 

After the testing phase (up to 5 days), our Success team will contact you with the results of your Monitoring configuration test. If changes are needed, we will provide recommendations and initiate a new testing phase.

Step 7: Monitoring 

Upon approval, any motion alerts will be reviewed by our monitoring team. Depending on your preference, alerts that meet the criteria will either be sent to your designated recipients or directly to the law enforcement. For these alerts, law enforcement will need to be able to access the area the camera is directed at, make sure to provide contact information for any on site access.

If you have any questions or need further assistance during any step of this process, feel free to reach out to us. We’re here to help!

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