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Deter Unauthorized Visitors with Talkdown

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Sensera Systems Talkdown

Talkdown allows you to deter unauthorized persons from your jobsite, let’s see how! 

Talkdown SiteCloud Setup

Setting up Talkdown to help deter unauthorized activity on site is easy, let’s walk through the steps together. 


1. Make sure you’re logged into and have your Talkdown capable SiteWatchPRO camera selected. 

2. Nagivate to the “Capture Menu” (Camera icon) and select “Talkdown”.

Talkdown Menu

3. In the Talkdown configuration menu, select “Record New Clip” 

4. Depending on your Web Browser, you may be asked to allow Microphone permissions. Select “Allow”.

talkdown mic permissions

5. The recording will begin, indicated by the “Recording in Progress” message.

  • The most effective Audio Deterrence clips involve specific information, for example “Please step away from the dumpster” or “You in the blue jacket are trespassing, leave immediately.” Record a unique clip before each initiation of Talkdown for the most effective deterrence. 
6. Once you are finished recording, make sure to press “Save”. 
talkdown recording

7:  Now that your Talkdown clip is recorded, simply select “Play on Camera” to broadcast your message through the Talkdown speaker unit. 

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