Drone Photography Services

for jobsite progress monitoring


Automated Drone Progress Photography & Video

SiteCloud-AERIAL is a turn-key drone photography service for construction progress documentation. Combined with SiteCloud software, this service provides complete image capture, archival, sharing, and workflow for drone-based imaging.

SiteCloud-AERIAL does away with current cumbersome processes for drone photo documentation. The no-touch drone photography service eliminates needs for Part-107 certifications training, owning, maintaining, and transporting drone equipment, offloading and uploading photos, and 3rd party software systems for archiving and sharing.

SiteCloud-AERIAL allows you to order the number of drone flights you need for your project and to reschedule those if needed with the click of a mouse, based on project milestones.

How It Works

You can order your SiteCloud-AERIAL service at the start of your project when you order SiteCloud cameras and other services. You provide the address of your jobsite and the Sensera team will confirm that the site is legally flyable.

You can order a number of flights to be flown throughout the project. Flights will be set on a nominal schedule which you can modify at any time right from your SiteCloud dashboard. Your SiteCloud dashboard shows the status of upcoming and completed flights.

Imagery from the flight is uploaded to your SiteCloud automatically after the flight is complete. Images are then available alongside your other SiteCloud Camera and SitePOV mobile app imagery. All SiteCloud functions are available for drone imagery including markup, export, and public page sharing.

Drone Images are Taken from the 8 Cardinal Directions Around a Site:

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