SiteWatch Security now available with TalkDown feature. Click here to learn more!
SiteWatch Security now available with TalkDown feature.
Click here to learn more!

SiteCloud Security Monitoring.

Professional Monitoring Services.

Our SiteCloud Security Monitoring service provides maximum protection against theft and vandalism

Sensera Systems’ professional monitoring service provides an extra layer of protection and peace of mind when used in combination with SiteWatch PRO cameras. These advanced cameras are equipped with motion detection sensors that trigger real-time alerts including images and/or video when a potential threat is perceived. Our certified professional monitoring agents then visually verify whether the threat is valid. Emergency services will be alerted if a threat is validated, with priority response, ensuring your valuable assets are protected from theft and vandalism. False positives, such as animals crossing a project site or wind-induced motion in the detection zone, are dismissed without action.


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Deter and prosecute theft and vandalism

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Complete turnkey, portable, all-in-one solution

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No power, ethernet, or trailer is required

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Complies with many Builders Risk Insurance requirements for site security

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UL Certified, CSAA Five Diamond central station. Multiple central stations nationwide for redundancy

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NDAA compliant camera systems

Construction Site Security

How SiteCloud Security Monitoring Works



If motion is detected by your SiteWatch PRO security camera during your specified monitored service hours, a video clip of the potential threat will be sent to a certified monitoring professional for immediate review.



All potential threats are reviewed by a monitoring professional for validation. If a threat is verified, immediate action is taken.

False positives are dismissed without further action.



Upon threat verification, the monitoring professional will take 1 of two pre-determined actions:

Option #1: Contact the specified project contact for a decision whether to contact emergency services.

Option #2: Contact emergency services and specified project contact simultaneously.

SiteCloud Security Monitoring is a simple monthly service you can enable to provide professional monitoring on SiteWatch PRO3 cameras. 

Sensera’s SiteCloud Security Monitoring services consist of Sensera’s compact solar/wireless SiteWatch PRO cameras, SiteCloud software and service, specially priced unlimited LTE cellular plans, 18×24 reflective aluminum surveillance warning signage for perimeter fencing, and additional optional accessories for turnkey rapid deployment on temporary and permanent sites. The system is completely DIY and can be set up and accessed via web/mobile in minutes with no special training.

Configuration is simple and flexible, allowing you to set different schedules for day, night, and weekends, and is compatible with existing self-monitoring of SiteWatch PRO3 cameras. You can configure your cameras to notify you during working hours and law enforcement after hours. Both ‘threat’ and ‘non-threat’ events are logged in your SiteCloud account so you can review them at any time.

Works with SiteWatch PRO3 Smart Security Cameras

Flexible, Reliable, Affordable

Flexible, Reliable, Affordable Sensera Systems’ SiteWatch PRO3 day/night site monitoring solution combines thermal, lowlight and color cameras with IR illumination, video analytics and 4G LTE communications in one integrated system. The TalkDown deterrence kit enables direct communication to an intruder onsite through a speaker and indicator light. When paired with professional monitoring services, agents can verify threats and deploy law enforcement quickly keeping sites safe and secure from external threats.
Civil Infrastructure Cameras
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4G/LTE & WiFi Connectivity

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Solar + AC or AC Only Models

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Compact Design

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No Complex Configuration or Setup

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Remote Site Access

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Real-time & Recorded Video Capture

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Free Mobile Apps


Our civil infrastructure camera solutions provide maximum flexibility for ideal system placement, installation, and use by stakeholders at any level and are easy to setup and use within minutes.

Some cameras systems require an electrician to run power, an IT technician to run Ethernet, two or more workers to heft and install the bulky equipment, and compromises to be made in camera placement to make it all work. Our systems are completely DIY, requiring no power, no Ethernet, and no compromises. When needs change, cameras can be relocated quickly and inexpensively. 

Supports a variety of use-cases and applications 

  • Public Works temporary and construction projects 
  • Utility asset monitoring and remote site security 
  • Parks & Rec public websites 
  • Police special events support 
  • Emergency Response 
  • Environmental remediation documentation 
  • Enforcement of littering and dumping laws 
  • Watershed and flood monitoring 

We were looking for a cost effective site camera that provided a flexible public page and sharing feature to keep all our stakeholders engaged in the project. Sensera Systems cameras offered time-lapse, LiveView, recording and video streaming. The fact that they are solar powered, and wireless allows us to move the cameras as this large project progresses and simplifies installation and lowers our costs. The public URL feature made it easy for us to share real-time progress with all the stakeholders.

Not only are our systems quick and easy to install at the beginning of a project, they’re also simple to relocate for alternative views or for temporary deployments. Our solutions are also ‘multi-function’ providing live video streaming, continuous video recording, high-resolution image capture, intrusion detection and notification and more.

Including SiteCloud™

Cloud-based remote site monitoring

All Sensera jobsite solutions are powered by Sensera’s SiteCloud™ platform which provides easy-to-use, 100% web-based software for viewing, monitoring, and sharing real-time site data.
SiteCloud by Sensera Systems
Cloud Hosted Application
SiteCloud software and service

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