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Solar/Wireless Solution Allows for Integrated City Surveillance Expansion

Industry: Municipality

Highlight: “We are proud to be supplying our SiteCloud camera solutions to a superstar city like this one. Having been at the forefront of municipal camera deployments, the City’s IT team has a great appreciation for the value that Sensera’s solar/wireless site cameras provide, making it easier to meet their city-wide coverage objectives with flexibility and within budget.”
——David Gaw, Founder and CEO, Sensera Systems

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Solution Enhances Jobsite Progress Monitoring and Collaboration

Industry: Construction

Testimonial: “These compact solar cameras work well for a jobsite this size. For a larger job, we can buy 2 cameras and it would still be cheaper than purchasing just one of the competitive cameras we compared them to. Sensera cameras provide quality and capability – best all around solution.”
——J. Brent Weckar, Sr. Project Manager, Sundt

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Multi-site Real-time Progress and Visual Documentation Made Easy

Industry: Architectural and Custom Home Building

Testimonial: “We chose Sensera’s cameras because of their features, simple user interface, and high-quality time-lapse creation all at an affordable price point.”
—Jeff Konkle, Vice President Construction, Agree Realty

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Solution Enhances Customer Experience, Progress and Security

Industry: Architectural and Custom Home Building

Testimonial: ““We choose Sensera Systems cameras for our projects because of our great experience with their solutions and team. Not only are the cameras easy to setup and use, the video and imagery is a great marketing tool, and they provide amazing customer support.”
—Kenneth Marzullo, CEO, Koncept Design + Build

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BLOX Built

A Portable Jobsite Camera Solution that Provides Transparent Project Monitoring and Progress Tracking

Industry: Construction 

Testimonial: “We chose Sensera’s cameras because of these capabilities, their simple user interface, and high-quality time-lapse creation. Not only that, we really enjoy how small, portable, and easy these cameras are to set up, which means moving them from project-to-project is no problem.”
—Nate Renfro, Project Manager, BLOX Built

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Solar/Wireless Camera with Real-time Imaging and Built-in Public Web Page

Industry: Municipality 

Testimonial: “Once we got a pole in place, installation of the camera was a breeze and the public web page feature dropped right into our website, allowing the public to see real-time status of the parking areas. We have been very happy with the Sensera camera solution and expect that we will find other applications for the technology.”
—Dieter Wittenberg, IT Manager, Placer County, CA

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DIY Installation, Portability and Project Monitoring Provide Cost-effective Solution

Industry: Mixed Use & Multi-Family

Testimonial: “We liked that the Sensera Systems MultiSense Cameras offered solar/wireless operation in a very small package. This allowed us to install the cameras ourselves quickly and without extra cost, and to move the cameras from job to job.”
—Tim Walsh, President, Confluence Companies

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Solar/wireless Site Cameras Monitor Substations and Renewable Solar Power Plants

Industry: Energy

Testimonial: “The time-lapse capability allows us to document and share progress on both the substation and solar power plant projects. And the built-in DVR functionality allows us to use the cameras for site security as well.”
—Terry Fett, PE. Manager of Engineering, CIPCO

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Municipal Water Utility Deploys Solar/Wireless Site Cameras for Major Redevelopment

Industry: Water

Testimonial: “The cameras offered a wide range of capabilities, including time-lapse. The public URL feature made it very easy for us to share real-time progress with stakeholders.”
—Mark Thomas, Sr. Infrastructure Technician, Denver Water

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Flexible, Solar-Powered Site Surveillance Ideal for Monitoring Equipment Yard

Industry: Construction

Testimonial: “The motion-detection feature allows us to capture images and generate events when vehicles enter or leave the facility. The camera includes built-in battery backup, and night-vision capabilities so we can operate it 24/7.”
—Terry Edwards, Project Manager, SLT Construction Corp.

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Wireless, Solar Powered Site Cameras Provide Flood Control Monitoring

Industry: Municipality

Testimonial: “I selected the Sensera Systems MC-68 for monitoring requirements at these sites, and the SiteWatch-PRO to monitor nautical traffic approaching the structure. These cameras had the solar and cellular operation we needed for this application, and the high-quality pictures and video were useful to us. The cell service at these sites fluctuates a great deal, which can slow image uploads. But the cameras have been robust in that regard. The SiteWatch-PRO camera motion detection works very well for capturing all vessel traffic nearing the structure.”
—Stephen LeBlanc, Project Inspector, Jefferson County Drainage District NO 6, Beaumont ,TX

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Site Cameras Reduce Travel Time and Allow Team and Stakeholders to Monitor Progress

Industry: Commercial Real Estate Development

Testimonial: “On these smaller, fast-moving projects, site travel can really eat up budgets. I wanted to have a site camera to cut down our team’s travel, but also to give the customer the abillity to access their project progress in real-time. The cameras allow us to easily monitor progress from wherever we are.”
—Bill Moseley, CEO MoseleyREA

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Solar/ Wireless Site Cameras Support Law Enforcement with Effective Use of Cameras in Public Parking Lots

Industry: Township

Testimonial: “We have found the image quality to be exceptional.”
— Leighton Price. President, Plymouth Growth & Development Corporation

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Cloud Managed, Solar-Powered Site Camera Ideal for Remotely Monitoring Construction

Industry: Residential Construction

Testimonial: “The first thing that impressed me was the incredibly easy setup. I liked the quality of both the camera and the video it captured. The built-in time-lapse feature was simple to use and the fact that everything was stored on the cloud made it simple.”
— Joe Blake, Homeowner, Massachusetts

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Great Customer Care Helps Weather a Storm

Industry: Reclamation Site

Testimonial: “The shipment was assembled, invoiced, paid, and received the next day! The logistics and cost required made it critical the solar panel and parts be expedited and these individuals at Sensera [Systems] made it happen on schedule.”
—Clayton Robertson, Principal Scientist for VHB, on behalf of The Mosaic Company

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Common Business Values Create the Right Fit

Industry: Construction

Testimonial: “The product is fantastic, and more importantly, so easy and user-friendly to use. Within my group here at XL, we have decided to make a major push to all of our projects teams to use Sensera cameras when and where it makes sense.”
—Trevor Johnston, XL’s Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) Specialist

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Excellent Client Experience Blended with a Savvy Technology Partner

Industry: Security

Testimonial: “Sensera offered exactly what we needed at a price well below similar systems. Everything has been delivered as promised, including an awesome product and web-interface.”
— Mark Scanlon, Setronics Sales Executive

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