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JB Contractors: Multi-family Housing Progress Monitoring and Security


With over 30 years’ experience in real estate development, JB Contractors specializes in new construction multi-family housing projects. They design and build projects based upon current market requirements and pride themselves on their work.


JB Contractors were looking for a reliable jobsite camera for remote monitoring, security, marking, and progress documentation. They used other cameras in the past but they could not provide the consistent remote jobsite monitoring they needed. On one project, they had to move the camera 3 times in order to get WiFi connectivity.


JB Contractors originally set out to find a reliable solution that would work well for time-lapse capture alone. Through online research and discovery, they found Sensera’s MC26 camera was a good fit, and provided both WiFi and Celular connectivity, ensuring the reliability they needed. However, they soon began using the cameras for progress monitoring and security as well.

“We actively use the cameras to demonstrate project progress to apply for bank draws. Traditional project financing often requires bank representatives to visit jobsites to verify project progress for draw approval. This would place us at the mercy of bank schedules and staff availability. When we approached a lending institution for a draw approval, we arrived with current time-lapse footage in hand and left funded.”

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