Sensera’s SiteCloud Unlocks a Dynamic Jobsite Monitoring Experience for Your Team

Access real-time data from your projects from any device at any time

The SiteCloud platform provides easy-to-use software for viewing, monitoring, and sharing your real-time jobsite images, video, and data. SiteCloud is tightly integrated with Sensera’s jobsite cameras, SitePOV mobile app, and SiteCloud-AERIAL drone photography service to provide comprehensive automated site progress monitoring from a simple web interface. SiteCloud service includes WiFi and 4G/LTE connectivity making it a true end-to-end solution.

Robust, intuitive features and 24/7 access to your real-time jobsite images and data for the entire team

SiteCloud is feature rich and easy to navigate. Login from any PC or mobile device to view live video stream, drone video, site security notifications.

Secure Cloud Service
Secure cloud data storage, archive and backup. 24/7 project data access and download.

Custom Configuration
Customize and schedule timing and frequency of time-lapse, DVR recording and LiveView.

Easy Access to Data
Manage permissions, assign unlimited users and securely access data through any internet-connected device.

All Your Projects in One Place
All admin and archiving of images and data through one access point. Available anytime, from anywhere.

Live Images & Streaming Video
Sensera’s cameras offer truly live streaming video. Enjoy crisp, HD details of your job site.

Custom Time-Lapse Video
Schedule and manage efficient time-lapse photography of your project as you need it or from start-to-finish.

HD Security Recording
Record 720p video at your job site. Your recordings can be watched anytime, directly through SiteCloud

Built-In 4G LTE
Integrated 4G LTE with the nation’s most reliable carriers gives your camera data speeds up to 10x the speed of 3G.

User Friendly Interface
Manage your cameras with SiteCloud. User-friendly and intuitive, SiteCloud gives you round-the-clock access.

Mobile Uploads
Take jobsite pics with your smartphone. Mobile images upload automatically and are managed in SiteCloud.

Image Tagging & Capture
Name, tag and caption fixed camera and mobile images for better visibility and management.

Privacy Controls
You have full control over who can see your camera. Create new users and set restrictions.

Share & Collaborate
Share your images with SiteCloud’s built-in sharing tools. Tag, annotate and mail images to colleagues.

Built-in Reporting & Updates
Schedule emails with the latest imagery & time-lapse videos to keep stakeholders up to date on progress.

Showcase Your Projects
Embed the camera interface, images and time-lapse movies with your website to showcase your work.

Sensera SiteCloud provides an end-to-end monitoring
service for all Sensera cameras.

Sensera SiteCloud is a cloud hosted, 100% web-based application for configuration, control, and monitoring of Sensera cameras. Sensera SiteCloud provides a rich set of features for viewing and management of archived camera images and video.

SiteCloud supports both WiFi and cellular connectivity and provides hosted web application, secure storage and backup of project data, live public URL, video streaming relay, time-lapse video generation, and cellular data communications all at one low monthly or project cost. Sensera SiteCloud service means your camera will work out of the box with no complex configuration, and you have only one company to call with questions.

Cloud-hosted secure archiving of all images, DVR clips and time-lapse movies

Download Anywhere/Anytime

Public access URL

Alert/Alarm Routing – sent via text, email

Live Video Streaming

Multi-user capable & customizable

Schedule project updates via email


Connect over integrated 3G/4G/LTE cellular or WiFi

All Sensera SiteCloud cameras have both WiFi and 3G/4G/LTE cellular modems built-in. We provide cellular coverage over the vast majority of the USA and Canada. We have contracts with most major carriers in the USA including:
Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mo, as well as Telus and Rogers in Canada.

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Sensera SiteCloud Service July 5, 2017