Sensera Systems products are designed with several security features to ensure your data remains private, and your cameras are protected from any unauthorized access. The Sensera SiteCloud Web Application (WebApp) includes a password protected login. Users can only access devices registered into their account and can only view data from cameras registered into their personal account.

At the network level, Sensera cameras communicate only with the Sensera SiteCloud Web Application and cannot be accessed by other applications. Static IP addresses are NOT used and therefore make denial of service and other network attacks nearly impossible. Data transmitted from the Sensera cameras to the Sensera SiteCloud Web Application can be encrypted for privacy.

Data Ownership

All data collected by a Sensera camera that you own belongs to you. Sensera Systems will archive and manage that data, per the terms of our Cloud Service Agreement. You can take copies, edit, or delete the data as you wish, and legal title to the data remains with you.

Information Privacy

Any information we collect from you will be kept private and used only to deliver and improve our service and products. We do not sell or give away customer information. Please see our Terms and Conditions for further details of our privacy policies.