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Leveraging the Full Value of Your Site Technology

As technology continues to evolve, it’s important to understand the full value of adoption and how other successful site managers are utilizing today’s innovations to enhance their own value within an organization.

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A Primer on Technology Adoption in Construction

In this article we outline the landscape of technology adoption to help gain an understanding of how and when construction firms should adopt new technologies and innovations. We’ll look at some of the background science on how technology adoption works in general, across various industries and then explore how to apply this knowledge as a best practice for construction technology adoption.

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Jobsite Cameras- Past, Present and Future

Jobsite cameras have become an essential tool for the modern connected jobsite. Understanding these systems and how they support construction best practices is important in today’s ever-expanding jobsite technology array. Download the ebook to learn more about the evolution of jobsite cameras and how they are impacting the construction industry.

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Safety First: Leveraging Technology to Help Improve Jobsite Safety

The cost and impact of jobsite safety incidents and worker injury influence a number of different aspects of construction. The bottom line is affected through increased insurance premiums, cost of claims, and project delays, as well as other more indirect costs that include worker productivity, satisfaction, and retention. Conversely, there are opportunities to recapture significant savings by improving jobsite safety.

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Innovations Enhancing Jobsite Communications

The construction industry has changed drastically throughout the years, and new jobsite monitoring tools are helping general contractors share real-time project data and useful insights

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Visual Monitoring: How Real-Time Visibility Enhances Construction Operations

GC’s are transforming the way they manage projects using visual documentation to solve for everyday challenges like increasing productivity, improving communications, and avoiding costly rework.

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Avoid Added Delays with Jobsite Monitoring

Learn how today’s most successful construction managers are leveraging real-time monitoring to increase stakeholder collaboration, track progress, and address safety and security on their jobsites.

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