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Technology Provides Real-time Insights & Efficiencies for XL Construction

In this Newsletter: Trevor Johnston, Manager Construction Technology at XL Construction discusses how the California-based contractor uses jobsite intelligence on their projects and the unexpected benefits they’ve realized across the organization.

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How to Ensure You Choose the Right Jobsite Technology…and it’s Scalable

In this Newsletter: Construction technology has come a long way and it’s important to understand how you can leverage that technology for what you want to achieve.

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A Focus on Safety & Security

In this Newsletter: As with any project, having the right tools is necessary for success. Site cameras provide many capabilities to enable you to work efficiently and effectively whether onsite or remote—ensure teams are following safety guidelines and social distancing; manage important critical path milestones; securing your site, equipment and assets after hours—easier than ever before.

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Ensuring Safety, Compliance and Security on Today’s Jobsite

In this Newsletter: With a host of new COVID-19 related Federal, State and OSHA guidelines in place to ensure workplace health and safety, leveraging your jobsite tech has become more critical than ever before. Sensera Systems can help.

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To Our Valued Customers: We Are Ready & Able to Serve You

In this Newsletter: As the COVID-19 pandemic spreads, the world around us is shifting rapidly. And while many things are changing, our commitment to you, our valued customer is not.

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Sensera Systems and Trimble Announce Reseller Agreement

In this Newsletter: Sensera systems announce a new partnership with Trimble. Sitecloud releases an update and learn how you can leverage the full value of your site technology.

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Celebrating Five Years in Business!

In this Newsletter: In 2019 we celebrated our 5th year of growth since launching Sensera Systems and shipping our first product into the Construction market. Check out our 2019 year end blog post for some highlights from 2019 and what we see ahead for 2020.

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