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November 2021

Happy Thanksgiving Holiday Specials

In this Newsletter:  With the recent launch of our new MC3.0 models and many exciting new things to come, we want to pass on some special savings to our partners and customers with sincere gratitude.

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October 2021

We’ve Launched Our 3rd Generation Compact-Solar Jobsite Cameras

In this Newsletter:  The new MC3.0 models represent seven years of refinement and learnings from scores of customers across thousands of jobsites and incorporate advancements to lower pricing, increase reliability, and improve performance and ease of use. From a wider field-of-view to increased storage, upgrade your older cameras to our new generation and take advantage of our new features.

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September 2021

Sensera Systems Offers the Industry’s Only Compact Solar Solution.

In this Newsletter:  AC + Solar models provide the unique ability to easily switch between power options depending on your needs. Also Join us for Groundbreak 2021 and hear from top industry leaders on safety, running a more profitable business, leadership & culture, and more.

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August 2021

Dispute Resolution Simplified with Multi-Application Camera Solution.

In this Newsletter:  If your current solution does not allow you to leverage your technology investment for more than just time-lapse, now is the time to switch to one that does. Also, check out our monthly tech tip and get a better understanding of your camera’s status, service plan, battery level, power input, network speed, and more.

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July 2021

Material Thefts On The Rise. Project Delays Ensue.

In this Newsletter:  The ripple down effect on project schedules, costs and labor have been spiraling out of control and we can feel your pain. While we can’t stop criminals from accessing your site, we can deter, alert, and help in recovery. Your camera may have a built-in DVR that allows for 24/7 recording in the background without using your existing data plan. Get your new SiteWatch Pro2 for 15% off, check out our SitePOV app and augment your existing site documentation with your personal smart phone. Sensera wins Smart Jobsites 50 award from Builtworlds.

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June 2021

Materials Cost Increases, Supply-chain Delays, and Labor Shortages Have Taken a Toll on the Industry

In this Newsletter:  Sensera Systems wants to lend a helping hand to our longtime friends, partners, and clients that have been hardest hit during this challenging time, with reduced pricing on our services. Also in this issue, we give you a sneak peak of our newly redesigned Support section, as well as share a quick tip to help you prepare for your next camera installation.

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May 2021

Jobsite Cameras Are Not All Created Equal

In this Newsletter:  We take a quick dive into how Sensera Systems cameras are uniquely designed for ease of use, simple installation and no hassle mobility. With our compact solar design, you can deploy and relocate your system in minutes! Also in this issue, discover the latest changes to SiteCloud and read our latest tech tip.

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April 2021

Site Intelligence Solution Simplifies Progress Monitoring, Collaboration and Security

In this Newsletter:  Pepper Construction talks about the benefits of using Sensera cameras on the remote job site. We also review a powerful annotation tool in SiteCloud that tends to be overlooked.

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March 2021

Solution Provides Simple to Deploy Daily Remote Progress Monitoring

In this Newsletter:  We talk about Wingstop’s adoption of Sensera cameras. With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Wingstop needed a tool to assist Project Managers see their jobsites without physically traveling to the build locations, ensuring worker safety and risk mitigation.

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February 2021

Recent Weather Events Have Certainly Wreaked Havoc in Unexpected Locations

In this Newsletter:  Rolling blackouts and connectivity issues galore, the last thing you should worry about is your jobsite technology. Learn how our solar-powered cameras persevere through rough weather and unexpected infrastructure issues. Also, Send us your extreme weather photos and check out our new SiteCloud Mobile app – the same easy-to-use layout and functionality you’re already used to, free to existing SiteCloud users.

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January 2021

The Future of Safety and Efficiency on the Jobsite

In this Newsletter: 2020 brought many new challenges to jobsites and stakeholders across the globe. And yet, 2021 could mark a turning point, and technology is the key. The insurance industry provides 4 key points for the benefits of video of the jobsite. Also, don’t miss out on registering for BuiltWorlds Smart Jobsites call with our very own Carrie Hunter and Kiewit Corp.

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December 2020

Happy Holidays

In this Newsletter: Thank you for your continued support and to a prosperous New Year! Don’t miss our informative webinars from this last year. These include: Interview with XL Construction and how they use Sensera cameras in conjunction with our partner Procore. Learn how Skanska has reimagined the job site with our partner Reconstruct.

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November 2020

Grab Your Discount Up to 15%!

In this Newsletter: Sensera Sales on Camera Purchases; Meet Michael Fraser, VP of Sales; Learn more about our free installation service.

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October 2020

Plan Ahead and Upgrade Today! Watch Interviews with XL Construction and Skanska and Learn More About Our Remote Job-site Solutions in this issue.

In this Newsletter: Trade-in Your 3G Device and Receive 40% Off eligible products; Miss Groundbreak this year? View our recorded session with Sales Rep Carrie Hunter as she interviews Trevor Johnston, Manager Construction Technology at XL Construction; Learn more about our integration with Reconstruct and how SKANSKA came to benefit from our partnership; and checkout what’s happening at AutoDesk University 2020.

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September 2020

The Maturation of Crane Cameras in Construction

In this Newsletter: Construction technology has come a long way and it’s important to understand how you can leverage that technology on your jobsite today.

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August 2020

Technology Provides Real-time Insights & Efficiencies for XL Construction

In this Newsletter: Trevor Johnston, Manager Construction Technology at XL Construction discusses how the California-based contractor uses jobsite intelligence on their projects and the unexpected benefits they’ve realized across the organization.

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July 2020

How to Ensure You Choose the Right Jobsite Technology…and it’s Scalable

In this Newsletter: Construction technology has come a long way and it’s important to understand how you can leverage that technology for what you want to achieve.

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June 2020

A Focus on Safety & Security

In this Newsletter: As with any project, having the right tools is necessary for success. Site cameras provide many capabilities to enable you to work efficiently and effectively whether onsite or remote—ensure teams are following safety guidelines and social distancing; manage important critical path milestones; securing your site, equipment and assets after hours—easier than ever before.

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May 2020

Ensuring Safety, Compliance and Security on Today’s Jobsite

In this Newsletter: With a host of new COVID-19 related Federal, State and OSHA guidelines in place to ensure workplace health and safety, leveraging your jobsite tech has become more critical than ever before. Sensera Systems can help.

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March 2020

To Our Valued Customers: We Are Ready & Able to Serve You

In this Newsletter: As the COVID-19 pandemic spreads, the world around us is shifting rapidly. And while many things are changing, our commitment to you, our valued customer is not.

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February 2020

Sensera Systems and Trimble Announce Reseller Agreement

In this Newsletter: Sensera systems announce a new partnership with Trimble. Sitecloud releases an update and learn how you can leverage the full value of your site technology.

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January 2020



Celebrating Five Years in Business!

In this Newsletter: In 2019 we celebrated our 5th year of growth since launching Sensera Systems and shipping our first product into the Construction market. Check out our 2019 year end blog post for some highlights from 2019 and what we see ahead for 2020.

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