Streamline Your Next Project with Project Pricing

A flexible rental option that can reduce project costs and simplify asset management and logistics.

The start of a new project can be a stressful time for contractors, but it doesn’t have to be. Our Project Pricing model is designed to reduce project costs and simplify asset management and logistics.

A Simplified Way to Monitor Construction Projects

Purchasing equipment comes with project budgeting, maintenance, storage, scheduling, and logistics challenges. These challenges only expand as a company takes on more projects. 

Our Project Pricing model scales to meet your needs, simplifying project logistics as a company grows. 

How it Works

  1. Your Account Manager will help you determine which camera solution and accessories are right for your project, and for how long.

  2. We’ll set up your project-based software and service plan and send your camera system (and accessories, if applicable) to the designated location exactly when you need it.

  3. When the project has been completed, simply return the camera system in the postage-paid box.
Non-Penetrating Roof Mount, Rapid Deployment

Choosing the Right Jobsite Solution

Every project has unique goals, which means different projects may require different camera solutions. Your Account Manager will assist you in determining which Fixed Position, PTZ, and/or Security camera will work best for your project objectives.

We can also help with a variety of additional mounting solutions to suit any project, including our:
  • 20’ Telescoping Camera Pole: A popular mounting solution for any job site with a handy replaceable base sleeve.
  • Non-Penetrating Roof Mount: A secure, stable roof mount. Works with all Sensera Systems camera models.
  • Tripod Mounting Kit: A lightweight mounting kit for indoor monitoring or temporary outdoor projects.
  • Portable Trailer: A trailer that connects to a standard hitch with a mast that can be raised up to 25’. Support up to three Sensera camera systems for up to 180° of site coverage.

No matter what your future projects hold, we can help reduce your project costs while meeting your site monitoring needs. Reach out for a quote and learn more about how Project Pricing can simplify your next project!

The Benefits of the Construction Equipment Rental Model

These days, smaller construction companies are benefiting the most from equipment rentals, as renting helps them free up their cash flow and take on more varied projects.

Forklifts, scaffolding, trenchers, lifts, and construction site cameras are all common rental candidates. There are several reasons a company might choose to rent instead of buy these items. Sometimes, a fixed rental period simplifies a project’s budget and gives contractors more precise and powerful bidding leverage. It keeps the books organized and simplifies the budgeting process, which can be an enormous benefit for busy construction companies.
Since renting can be more cost-effective than buying, it’s often the most accessible choice for projects with a smaller budget. Rentals can also give contractors access to resources they don’t currently own while reducing their responsibility for equipment storage, transporting, and maintenance in the long term.
The Benefits of the Construction Equipment Rental Model

Growing companies and contractors who want to reduce the overhead costs associated with owning construction equipment may find that renting helps them reach their goals. However, companies who rent usually also own equipment, and vice versa. The challenge is knowing when to buy and when to rent. 

Check out this free article on where technology is headed and how construction pros are staying competitive in a rapidly changing industry.
Monthly Tech Tip

Add an Intro to Your Time-lapse Video

Did you know that you can add an informative intro slide to the beginning of your Custom Time Lapse video? Provide insight and context to your project using the “Add informative intro” settings within the “Create Custom Time-lapse Video” section. For more information, click HERE

Construction Site Security with SiteWatch PRO

SiteWatch PRO3 Released

3rd generation safety and security system launch

Our SiteWatch PRO3 day/night solar security cameras provide advanced jobsite safety and security.

SiteCloud Public Safety - Emergency Response

SiteCloud Public Safety

Priority connectivity for critical operations

Our SiteCloud Public Safety solutions provide maximum flexibility for rapid deployment with priority connectivity.


Construction Technology

Trends that are Shaping the Future

Where technology is headed and how construction pros are staying competitive in a rapidly changing industry.


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