Introducing the New SiteWatch PRO3 Smart Security Solution

Third-generation all-in-one system provides advanced jobsite safety and security

On May 16th, Sensera announced the introduction of its 3rd generation SiteWatch PRO3 smart security solution. These proven, all-in-one, day/night, all-weather intelligent remote security cameras are ideal for perimeter security on any project or site size.

Jobsite Security Camera

Sensera’s SiteWatch PRO3 day/night solar security cameras combine thermal, low-light, and color cameras with IR illumination, video analytics, and 4G LTE communications in one integrated system. This smart camera is perfect for 24/7 monitoring capable of real-time alert notifications (pushed to your email or mobile device). All video analytics are executed inside the camera, and only video relating to actual events is sent to the cloud for archival and viewing. This powerful camera can store up to 512GB or 137 days of continuous video recording so that no incident is ever missed. 

  • Works with No Light on Site – the thermal sensor can detect people and vehicles with zero light, then uses the included IR illuminator to capture details with the low-light camera.
  • Long-range Detection – the thermal camera provides long-range detection to cover more of the jobsite.
  • 3-in-1 Camera System – thermal for motion detection, low-light for capturing detail in the lowest light conditions, and color for daytime and with sufficient ambient lighting. The intelligent system switches between camera sensors automatically to provide the best imagery based on light levels.

The Ultimate Construction Site Security Camera Feature Guide

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The construction industry is heading into its busiest season with high prices and materials shortages looming, causing contractors to double down on their security measures. The warmer months are prime time for thieves looking to make a quick buck, and now that construction prices are skyrocketing, their motivation to steal from construction sites will be higher than ever.
Compared with all other threats, theft is the number one cause of construction losses each year. When materials are scarce or at a premium, as they are now, the stakes for contractors are even higher.
The Ultimate Construction Site Security Camera Feature Guide
By deploying a quality site security camera system, contractors can protect their construction sites against theft and increase the recovery rate for stolen materials. Since cameras significantly increase police success in catching criminals, they can be a strong deterrent for thieves.
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Did you know you can capture jobsite photos from your smartphone and upload them directly to SiteCloud? Using the SiteCloud POV app for Android and iOS, you can carry a Sensera camera in the palm of your hand! For more information, click HERE

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