SiteWatch Security now available with TalkDown feature. Click here to learn more!
SiteWatch Security now available with TalkDown feature.
Click here to learn more!

Spotlight on Site Cameras for Construction Laydown Yards

A remote monitoring solution that saves time, enhances security and makes hazard identification a breeze for busy contractors.

Laydown yards are a veritable jackpot for thieves looking to make quick cash, and they can be a tempting playground for teen vandals. But that’s not the only risk these high-value areas present. Organization and safety issues are of concern when large amounts of materials and equipment are being stored and moved on a daily basis.

The insurance benefits of site cameras are well known in the construction industry, but there are many other functional benefits of using site cameras on laydown yards.

Laydown Yard Logistics Monitoring

It’s not always practical to visit the laydown yard just to verify quantities of materials or whether a critical delivery has occurred. By using site cameras, contractors can visually verify material delivery and quantities remotely, saving time and money. This simplifies site logistics by enabling remote managers to direct the placement of critical assets from any location, preventing wasted time on reorganization.

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Security Monitoring & Alerting


Even with fencing, a construction site is at higher risk overnight if it’s not monitored. A site security camera like our  SiteWatch PRO  enhances laydown yard security with motion-triggered alerting and infrared illumination, capturing incidents even in the dark.

If a security threat occurs, alerts can be sent to a specified GC contact for DIY management of incidents. For maximum protection, contractors can also add professional security monitoring services with visual verification. With this service, certified professional monitoring agents verify whether a threat is real and can contact emergency services if a threat is validated, ensuring your valuable assets are protected from theft and vandalism.

Construction Worker Safety & Liability

With stacks of supplies, narrow pathways, and potentially dangerous materials, laydown yards are rife with safety concerns and liability risks. Poor organization on a laydown yard can create job site hazards that may lead to injury, death, or damaged equipment and materials. Site cameras provide a visual of the laydown yard’s safety status, helping contractors make decisions about potential hazards before they cause an incident.

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When it comes to savings, cameras help save money on insurance by reducing premiums, while video coverage of incidents can help reduce liability. Overall, site cameras offer an efficient, practical way to manage and monitor laydown yards remotely while helping contractors improve their bottom line. 

Connect with us today to take advantage of these remote monitoring benefits on your laydown yard.

Monthly Tech Tip

Manage Project Risk with DVR

In addition to your regular media capture schedules, Sensera Systems cameras have the ability to locally record 24/7 video footage for on-demand upload. DVR capture will allow you access to anything that happens within view of your camera, giving you peace of mind. Learn More

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SiteWatch PRO3 Released

3rd generation safety and security system launch

Our SiteWatch PRO3 day/night solar security cameras provide advanced jobsite safety and security.

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Streamline your Next Site Camera Deployment

There are flexible options that can reduce project costs and simplify asset management and logistics. 


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