SiteWatch Security now available with TalkDown feature. Click here to learn more!
SiteWatch Security now available with TalkDown feature.
Click here to learn more!

NEW SiteCloud™ Security Monitoring

Professional security monitoring service now available with Sensera's SiteWatch PRO security cameras

Sensera Systems’ professional monitoring service provides an extra layer of protection and peace of mind when used in combination with SiteWatch PRO cameras. These advanced cameras are equipped with motion detection sensors that trigger real-time alerts including images and/or video when a potential threat is perceived. Our certified professional monitoring agents then verify whether the threat is valid. Emergency services will be alerted if a threat is validated, ensuring your valuable assets are protected from theft and vandalism. False positives, such as animals crossing a project site or wind-induced motion in the detection zone, are dismissed without action.

How it Works



If motion is detected by your SiteWatch PRO security camera during your specified monitored service hours, a video clip of the potential threat will be sent to a certified monitoring professional for immediate review.



All potential threats are reviewed by a monitoring professional for validation. If a threat is verified, immediate action is taken.

False positives are dismissed without further action.



Upon threat verification, the monitoring professional will take 1 of two pre-determined actions:

Option #1: Contact the specified project contact for a decision whether to contact emergency services.

Option #2: Contact emergency services and specified project contact simultaneously.

SiteCloud Security-Monitoring is a simple monthly service you can enable to provide professional monitoring on SiteWatch-PRO3 cameras. Configuration is simple and flexible, allowing you to set different schedules for day, night and weekends.

SiteCloud Security-Monitoring is also compatible with existing DIY monitoring of SiteWatch-PRO3 cameras. This means your cameras can be configured to notify you during working hours, and law enforcement after hours.

Both ‘threat’ and ‘non-threat’ events are logged in your SiteCloud account so you can review at any time.

NEWS: Sensera Systems Closes on Strategic Growth Investment

GOLDEN, CO—August 15, 2023 Sensera Systems, Inc., the market leader in affordable, easy-to-deploy solar/cellular cameras and real-time jobsite intelligence software, today announced it closed on a Series A equity investment. The round was led by Egis Capital Partners and MUUS Asset Management. The capital will support Sensera’s rapid growth in remote jobsite intelligence with expanded capabilities, more system integrations, and deeper market penetration while cementing Sensera’s commitment to enhancing project execution and outcomes for its more than 1800 construction contractor and owner clients. Egis Capital Partners and MUUS bring a combination of security and construction technology experience to support Sensera’s ongoing success as a leading provider of construction technology solutions. Read the full announcement

Monthly Tech Tip
Video Motion Detection Window 2

Reduce False Triggers

Is there a road or other area causing unintended motion triggers on your Sitewatch PRO camera? Mask them out with the “Configure VMD” settings! You can designate any area within your image to be excluded from motion triggering. Just select the area you’d like to mask and hit “Save”!

Sensera Project Pricing

Perks of Project Pricing

Streamline your Next Site Camera Deployment

There are flexible options that can reduce project costs and simplify asset management and logistics.

Site security Camera

SiteWatch PRO3 Release

3rd generation safety and security system launch

Our SiteWatch PRO3 day/night solar security cameras provide advanced jobsite safety and security.

Public Safety - Emergency Response

SiteCloud Public Safety

Priority connectivity for critical operations

SiteCloud Public Safety solutions provide maximum flexibility for rapid deployment with priority connectivity.


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