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Great Customer Care Helps Weather a Storm

Vanasse Hangen Brustlin, Inc. (VHB), a leading engineering, planning, and environmental consulting firm with offices throughout the Eastern seaboard, utilize Sensera Systems’ solar-powered time-lapse and site monitoring cameras at a stream reclamation site in Florida. In the wake of Hurricane Irma, the camera’s solar panel (the camera’s primary source of power) had been ripped from the mounting arm, resulting in a connection disruption and loss of power to the camera.
Clayton Robertson, Principal Scientist for VHB, on behalf of The Mosaic Company, immediately reached out to his team at Sensera to expedite replacement components.

“This camera is located in an extremely remote area, 40’ in the air, on a single utility pole, requiring arrangements for high lift/bucket truck equipment to be transported through very rough and often wet terrain to the camera location. These arrangements involve several people from three different companies and specialized equipment to reach the [stream reclamation] site.” said Clayton. Through Sensera’s focused efforts, “…the shipment was assembled, invoiced, paid, and received the next day! The logistics and cost required made it critical the solar panel and parts be expedited and these individuals at Sensera [Systems] made it happen on schedule.”

Selene Sanchez, Sensera’s Customer Experience Manager, goes on to note, “We understand customer time is valuable and that our cameras are performing an important function for their operations. Part of our client promise is to provide prompt, high-quality customer service. During a natural disaster like Hurricane Irma, going the extra mile becomes even more important.”
At Sensera Systems, we’re lucky to have customers like Clayton who understand the value of going the extra mile. As he so succinctly puts it, “Thank you for taking the extra effort. It is rare in today’s business environment.”

Image taken from VHB’s Sensera Mosaic Stream Reclamation Site Camera located in Florida.
VHB provides transportation planning and engineering, planning and design, land development, and environmental services.


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