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Affordable, Easy-to-Install, Portable, Wireless, Solar-Powered Site Cameras

Environmental monitoring CamerasEnvironmental monitoring takes place in remote locations. Portability from site to site is important. Sensera cameras allows for 100% wireless/solar data and image collection. Our SiteCloud Service provides a turn-key solution for environmental engineers and scientists to focus on the data and not on systems integration.

A variety of sensing requirements – Environmental monitoring encompasses the sensing or sampling of a range of chemical, biological, and other parameters to support impact assessments, R&D, and compliance monitoring.

Environmental monitoring CamerasMoving toward continuous monitoring – Advances in low-cost sensors, as well as communications, are enabling a move to continous monitoring for many applications. This entails in-situ sensors combined with local processing and communications for logging, processing, storing, and communicating data to Environmental Monitoring Data Mangement System (E-MDMS).



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