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PTZ600 Installation Guide

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PTZ600 Installation Guide

The following instructions describe the installation of the included mount and PTZ camera on a wall or pole.

For the installation of the Control Unit (same instructions as Fixed Camera) and Solar Panels, please see their installation guide.

Please see the “Notes” section at the end of this document for important tips on correctly installing this system.

WARNING: Do not power the PTZ Camera until it is properly mounted. Failure to do so may cause damage to the PTZ Camera.

PTZ Camera Installation

Sensera Systems’ PTZ mounting system has two orientations. One for mounting on a pole (Figure 1), and another for mounting on the wall (Figure 2). In either case, verify that the UP arrow is correctly oriented.

PTZ600 Installation
Figure 1: Pole Mount Orientation
PTZ600 Installation
Figure 2: Wall Mount orientation

If mounting to a wall, mount the backplate in the orientation shown in Figure 2 using wall mounting hardware (not included). Then skip to page 4 to complete the PTZ installation.


When mounting to a pole, use two of the included band clamps. Feed the band clamps through the slots of the back plate. Ensure that the orientation of the plate is correct.

PTZ600 Installation
Figure 3: Band Clamp Installation
Tighten the band clamps around the pole
PTZ600 Installation
Figure 4: Pole Mounting Back Plate
The front of the mount comes in two halves, top (or lid) and bottom. Remove the top half of the mount by removing the gasket and fully loosen the screw using the included T30 wrench.
PTZ600 Installation
Figure 5: Top Half of Mount with wrench and gasket    Figure 6: Top and Bottom Halves Separated
PTZ600 Installation
Figure 7: Bottom Mount Attachment
The next step is mounting the PTZ camera. The camera module has an indent on the top indicating the “front” of the camera. Place the 3 studs through the slotted holes with the indent facing forward. Rotate the camera counter-clockwise until the orientation matches Figure 8.
PTZ600 Installation
Figure 8: PTZ Camera Module Mounting
Use the T30 wrench to tighten the 3 screws. Tighten each screw a bit and then move onto the next one. Do this until all 3 screws are fully tightened.
PTZ600 Installation
Figure 9: PTZ Camera Module Screw Tightening
Plug the ethernet connector into the top of the PTZ camera module.
PTZ600 Installation
Figure 10: Ethernet Connector Plugged into PTZ
Place the lid of the mount onto the bottom half. Ensure the lid is seated well onto the bottom of the mount. Tighten the screw using the T30 wrench and replace the gasket
PTZ600 Installation

Mount the Control Unit behind the PTZ camera, unscrew the dust cap from the ethernet jack

PTZ600 Installation
Figure 13: Control Unit Mounting

Secure ethernet cable so that it is not excessively dangling. Plug ethernet cable into the Control Unit and tighten the screw cap.

PTZ600 Installation
Figure 14: Ethernet Cable Secured
PTZ600 Installation
Figure 15: Ethernet Connector Plugged In and Tightened


Ensure that both solar panels are free of obstructions or shadows. This includes shadows created by the other equipment in the system.
If the solar panels are to be installed beneath the PTZ camera, please allow 2’+ between the PTZ camera and the highest solar panel.
The ideal mounting location for the Control Unit is behind the PTZ camera and just below it, as shown in the full assembly diagram.

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