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Mounting Your Camera

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PTZ600 Installation Guide

PTZ600 Installation Guide The following instructions describe the installation of the included mount and PTZ camera on a wall or pole. For the installation of the Control Unit (same instructions as Fixed Camera) and Solar Panels, please see their installation guide. Please

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Non Penetrating Roof Mount Installation Guide

Non-Penetrating Roof Mount Installation Guide PHASE 1 Parts List Installation Notes: Verify installation location can support the weight of the mount and the concrete blocks used to weigh it down Use the provided 1/2’’ wrench for roof mount assembly For ease of

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Portable Trailer

Portable Trailer The Portable Solar System Trailer allows you to mount up to three Sensera cameras along with their solar panels on a highly portable, mobile platform with a retractable 25-foot mast. This article contains step-by-step instructions for setting up your Portable 

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Tripod Mounting Kit

Tripod Mounting Kit The Tripod Mounting Kit is designed for indoor use. If your project requires outdoor use or roof mounting, please see our other mounting options in our Accessories section.   

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Portable Pole Installation

Portable Pole Installation The Portable Pole is an accessory available from Sensera.  If there is no suitable place to mount your Sensera cameras on your site, you can easily solve that problem by installing this pole.  It’s also reusable so when your

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Outdoor AC Power Box Installation

Outdoor AC Power Box Installation The AC power box is a robust, outdoor, all-weather, easy-to-install solution for powering your Sensera Camera from a 120V AC power source.  You can use an outdoor-rated 3-prong extension cord for power, or a qualified electrician can

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