For MC26, MC78 and MC88 Cameras


For MC-30/MC-60 and SiteWatch Series Cameras: 

The optional Tripod Mounting Kit allows you mount the MC-30/MC-60 Series camera and solar panel on any flat or nearly flat surface (ground, rooftops, etc.). The mounting legs adjust in length and so can accommodate some slope in the mounting surface. 



The Tripod Mounting Kit includes:

  • Tripod
  • Mounting plate 
  • Mounting plate bolt/nut
  • Sandbags


To setup the tripod you will need an adjustable wrench and #2 Phillips screwdriver to tighten the bracket bolt. It is convenient to have a web browser available (e.g, smartphone or laptop) in order to do final aiming of the camera.


  1. Open tripod legs to full extent and place into position.                                                          tripod3-u               
  1. To increase the height of the tripod, or to compensate for uneven ground, you may extend one or more of the legs using the ratchet mechanism.
  2. Mount the mounting plate on top of tripod using the single bolt/nut running through the center hole.
  3. Mount solar panel on one end of bracket.

  4. Mount camera on other end of bracket using the given thumbscrew.                           tripod6.png
  5. Fill sandbags and place “flat” across each leg, closer to outside (not center). The 4th bag can be added to center for additional holding strength.                                                          tripod7.png