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Registering Your Camera

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Registering Your Camera

  1. Log into SiteCloud.

2. Click on SITES in the menu.

SiteCloud Software
  1. Expand Register New Device.
  2. Enter the name for the camera. (This is for your purposes so it can be whatever is valuable to you. Possible options include the name of the site, the location of the camera, the serial number, “Camera 1”, etc.)
  3. Enter the Serial Number. This can be found on the paperwork included in the box or on the back of the camera.
  4. Select the Time Zone of the camera’s location from the dropdown menu.
  5. Select the project Site where the camera will be located.
    • If you do not have any sites set up, you can create a New Site by clicking the button and entering the new project site’s name. Then, click Save.
    • If you only have one site, you can leave it as “My Cameras” if you prefer.
  6. If you have a camera that you already have set as you would like, you can check the box for Copy settings from existing camera and then selecting the site from the dropdown.

NOTE: This will copy the Time Zone and Site as well as image capture schedules and other settings.

  1. Click Register.
SiteCloud Software
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