SiteWatch Security now available with TalkDown feature. Click here to learn more!
SiteWatch Security now available with TalkDown feature.
Click here to learn more!

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5 Reasons a Compact, Wireless Camera System is a Must-Have on Your Jobsite

Sensera Systems'® cameras are an all-in-one construction site intelligence solution.

In the ever-evolving landscape of construction and project management, the use of camera systems on jobsites has become essential. The portability of said cameras is even more critical. Many “mobile” camera options require heavy equipment, like trailers, to move them from place to place. Not only is this additional equipment inconvenient, it’s also expensive (and even more costly to ship to a jobsite). 

A camera system that is compact, lightweight, and wireless makes it easy and more efficient to move to wherever you need it when you need it. Easy setup, flexibility, security, sustainability, and price point are all important things to consider when choosing a camera system.

Choose a More Flexible Jobsite Camera System for Your Next Project

Whether your project requires you to monitor different angles of a jobsite or your security needs change throughout the project, here are five reasons to use a portable, wireless camera system.

Easy Setup: No Professional Installation Required

Many jobsite camera suppliers require professional installation and come with heavy power boxes. Sensera Systems’ patented compact solar-powered cameras provide 100% solar/battery operation in a package that weighs less than 10 lbs. and can be mounted easily. You don’t need an IT expert or electrician to install or set up these cameras. Because of their simple design and portability, Sensera Systems’ cameras are installed and set up in around 20 minutes. They’re a plug-and-play solution for monitoring your jobsite and are easy to redeploy to your next project.

Flexibility: Adaptable to Every Stage of Your Project

Flexibility is critical when it comes to the use of cameras on a jobsite. With inflation and tight budgets, contractors cannot always afford full site coverage on all projects. That means that sometimes, cameras will need to be relocated to accommodate multiple objectives. 

A portable camera system allows you to easily move the cameras wherever and whenever you want, adapting to the changing needs of your project. Whether monitoring foundation work or tracking progress and productivity, a portable camera system allows you to change camera positions or angles at the drop of a hat. No more fussing with a tangle of cables, complicated connections, or heavy equipment. Wireless site cameras give you the freedom to monitor your project without limitations.

Better Security: Protecting Vulnerable Locations

According to industry reports, crimes on construction sites cost contractors between $300 million to $1 billion annually. And only about 25% of stolen items are ever recovered. Site security cameras, like the SiteWatch PRO3, are an excellent first line of defense. These cameras notify you of motion-triggered events on-site and capture video and images at night. Because of their portability, they can provide ample site coverage and monitor areas that may become more vulnerable as the project progresses. 

Sensera’s new SiteCloud Security Monitoring is an optional service that can be enabled to provide hands-off site monitoring by real people who can visually verify threats and either call the police, someone on your team, or both.

Sustainability: Harnessing Solar Power

As the world becomes increasingly eco-conscious, keeping sustainability in mind during construction projects is essential. Solar-powered portable camera systems like Sensera’s are on board with the green movement. Using solar-powered tools reduces your carbon footprint and trims operational costs. Plus, using solar-powered equipment on your jobsite may qualify you for renewable energy tax credits. It’s a win-win for your project and the environment.

Price Point: Affordable and Cost-Efficient

There’s no doubt that cost efficiency is a priority in construction and project management. Portable camera systems fit the bill perfectly. They’re less expensive because they have fewer moving parts and require less maintenance. 

One way to reduce costs even more is to rent your site cameras. Sensera Systems offers a Project Pricing model where contractors get all the benefits of camera ownership without the overhead. Tailored pricing is available based on the goals of your project.

Sensera Project Pricing

Achieve Ultimate Flexibility With Sensera's Jobsite Cameras

Implementing a portable, wireless site camera system for your projects is one of the most flexible, efficient ways to track progress, monitor productivity, and keep your jobsite secure. From ease of use, to better security, to reduced costs, solar-powered jobsite camera systems like Sensera’s are an all-in-one monitoring solution for your next project.

Contact us to learn more about Senera’s solar-powered, wireless camera systems.


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