Archiving a Project While Preserving the Public URL Link

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Archiving a Project While Preserving the Public URL Link

These guidelines are designed to provide information on best practices for successfully managing your Sensera Systems camera assets during periods of transition; new projects that will be using an existing camera or when projects are ending.

By taking the steps outlined below, you can trust that:

  • No project media will be lost or mixed in with other project media
  • All previous projects will be archived for future access through SiteCloud
  • All current projects will have the correct media (nothing remaining from the previous project
  • All current projects will have the correct contact and project information
  • All public pages will display the correct project



When your project has come to an end, please follow these steps to ensure that the camera is ready to be deployed on the next project:

  1. Contact our Customer Experience team to advise that you would like to pause SiteCloud service on a camera. Please include the serial number and effective date.
  2. Next, login to and archive the current project. This will ensure that all data for your project is saved separately from all other projects so that the camera can be used on the next project.
  3. To archive, select SITES in the upper right hand corner then select the Active Site you wish to archive


  4. Next, choose  End Project in order to archive/preserve the public URL and set the camera up to be able to generate a fresh one associated with the new project

All media will still be stored in SiteCloud within the ARCHIVE section

    • Be sure to remove power (A/C power supply and solar panel) before setting the camera into dormant mode to preserve the battery; dormant mode should not reflect “power connected”
      • Disable any image schedules on the camera so no images are captured while in transition to the next project


NOTE: You do not want to expand Active Site and select individual cameras to archive since this will permanently disable the public URL from the previous project.


  • Be sure to store the camera in a safe, dry area or if shipping to the next project, make sure the camera is securely packaged
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