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Storing and Moving Your Camera System

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The MC-Series and SiteWatch Series cameras are battery powered systems designed for years of continuous service. Proper care of the system when moving or storing will ensure best long term performance.

Storing or Moving

IMPORTANT: The MC Series and SiteWatch Series cameras support a “Dormant” mode where the system is powered off, and battery drain is minimized. Any system that will not be powered by solar for more than a few days should be placed into dormant mode.


To prepare a camera for Dormant mode:

  1. Make sure the following are deactivated (all options not available on some models): Timelapse, DVR, LiveView, Motion Triggering.
  2. Download all desired DVR media from camera to cloud. Download all images/video if desired. Download any Timelapse videos you wish to keep.
  3. Delete all images/video if desired.
  4. Disconnect your camera from power. After 48 hours, your camera will automatically enter Dormant mode.
  5. When storing a camera, plug it in with the indoor AC adapter during the entire storage time to ensure a smooth restart for your next project.

Re-installing Your Stored Camera

When re-installing a camera that has been stored in Dormant mode, please contact to reactivate your service plan. Connect your camera to the solar panel to awaken the camera from Dormant mode. You should then be able to configure the camera in SiteCloud.

Click the following links for full technical specifications on the MC26MC78MC88 and SiteWatch Pro 2.
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