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Exporting Images and Videos from Your Camera

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Exporting Images and Videos from Your Camera

Standard Exporting

  1. On the “View” page, select desired camera from the drop-down list
  2. On the left-hand navigation, select the “Export” button and an additional menu will display (Picture A)
  3. Select the desired options and click “Export

Picture A

 Export Option Definitions:

  • Downloadable ZIP File:  Provides a downloadable file you can save to a computer
  • Autodesk BIM 360:  Pushes most current Time-Lapse Video or selected image into a BIM 360 project
  • PlanGrid:  Pushes most current Time-Lapse Video or selected image into a PlanGrid project
  • Current Image:  Exports only the image currently being viewed
  • Range of Images:  Exports multiple images with selected criteria
  • Selected Images:  Exports only the images you have selected in the “Captured Images” pane
  • Start and Stop Date:  Allows a user to narrow the export by a date range
  • Include Annotations:  Allows a user to include any markups images may have
  • Image Types:  Further filter an export by image type (Time-Lapse LiveView, On Demand, DVR, and/or Triggered)

Please Note: 

  • You may have some or all of the image types listed above, depending on your camera model
  • Read-Only accounts can export so long as the “Change Camera Configuration” permission is enabled

Exporting via Image Name, Tag, or Caption

Users that name, tag, or caption their images should follow the steps below if they want to export those images with the selected criteria.

  1. Type the “Name“, “Tag“, or “Caption” Under the “Captured Images” search bar and hit “Enter
  2. Select the “Export” button from the left-hand navigation and choose the following options:
    • Export to Downloadable ZIP file
    • Range of Images
    • Use Current Search Parameter
  3. Confirm the “Start/Stop Date” you want is correct
  4. Select “Export

Additional Notes:

  • Completed exports will appear under the “Download” icon with a yellow square surrounding it
  • Including annotations or particular “Image Types” can also be selected, if desired.


Exporting Multiple Selected Images

Users can export images via multi-select from the “Captured Images” pane with the use of shortcut keys.

  1. To select a series of individual pictures on the Captured Images” pane, hold CTRL (Windows) or Command (Mac) on your keyboard.  Using your cursor, highlight the images you want
  2. To select a range of pictures on the “Captured Images” pane, use your cursor to highlight the first picture in the range.  Hold “Shift” on your keyboard and pick the last image in the range with your cursor
  3. Once you’ve made your selections, click the “Export” button and make sure “Export to Downloadable ZIP file” and “Selected Images” are chosen
  4. Click “Export”



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