Managing Photos and Video

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Exporting Images and Videos from Your Camera

Standard Exporting On the “View” page, select desired camera from the drop down list On the left-hand navigation, select the “Export” button and an additional menu will display (Picture A) Select the desired options and click “Export“ Picture A  Export Option Definitions: Downloadable

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Accessing DVR Media

SiteCloud’s DVR feature allows you to continuously record video or still images without consuming data. These media files are saved internally using the camera’s built-in storage, and are kept until the built-in storage is full (up to 30 days), at which point,

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Understanding the Captured Images Pane

SiteCloud users can take advantage of our image management tools as they capture media via their camera or the Sensera SitePOV Mobile App.  Administrators can use the “Captured Images” list to view, search, name, tag, and caption any number of images for

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