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Accessing DVR Media

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Accessing DVR Media

SiteCloud’s DVR feature allows you to continuously record video or still images without consuming data. These media files are saved internally using the camera’s built-in storage, and are kept until the built-in storage is full (up to 30 days), at which point, the oldest media is overwritten to make space for new video or still images.

DVR footage is typically used to isolate a specific time period where there was an event requiring  visual documentation that may not have been captured by other SiteCloud features such as Time Lapse and LiveView.

To download DVR footage (Please Note: This can consume cellular data):

Click on the film strip or image icon in the DVR row of the Event Timeline at the bottom of the SiteCloud window.

This will pop up the below window where you can select the time range of footage or still images you wish to download. The DVR Browser allows you to scroll through the images easily then sliding the “coarse” and “fine” levers to refine the view. Once you have set the start date/time and stop date/time, click “Submit Request”. Your camera will begin to send the requested footage or images to SiteCloud.


You’ll be able to find this media in the “Captured Images” pane on the right side of the SiteCloud window. Video footage will appear in 10 minute segments, and both DVR video and DVR images will be arranged by time with your other Captured Images.

If you want to download any (or all) of these 10 minute segments or still images, click on the “Export” button  found on the left side of the SiteCloud window.

Next, select “Current Image” to export the item currently selected in the “Captured Images” pane on the right of the window (whether it is video or a still image). You can select multiple images in this pane by using the Shift or Control keys. Lastly, specify a range of time to export all media. Be sure the “DVR” check box is selected before clicking “Export”.

Once all media is Exported, the “Downloads” icon on the left side of the SiteCloud window will appear with a yellow border, and you’ll be able to download all requested media.

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