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Starting a New Project with an Existing Camera

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Starting a New Project with an Existing Camera

These guidelines are designed to provide information on best practices for successfully managing your Sensera Systems camera assets during periods of transition; new projects that will be using an existing camera or when projects are ending.

By taking the steps outlined below, you can trust that:

  • No project media will be lost or mixed in with other project media
  • All previous projects will be archived for future access through SiteCloud
  • All current projects will have the correct media (nothing remaining from the previous project
  • All current projects will have the correct contact and project information
  • All public pages will display the correct project



When you are ready to deploy a camera to a new project, please follow these steps:

  1. Using the AC adapter, we recommend charging the camera for 48 hours to ensure the camera has adequate charge before starting your new project.
  2. Contact our Finance team to advise that you would like to restart service on a camera. Please include the serial number and effective date.
  3. Login into to verify that the previous project was archived. If there is any media in the Captured Images Pane, please refer to our page on Archiving Your Camera

    Post Archive camera

  4. Once the service plan is active and the camera is live, enable or update the feature settings including contacts for any alerts and notifications. For assistance configuring the camera. For assistance configuring the camera, feel free to contact us or visit our Knowledge Base

Please note: If your project had a Public URL page, please follow the steps in our article on Public URLs

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