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SiteCloud-AERIAL Introduction SiteCloud-AERIAL is Sensera’s new end-to-end turnkey drone photography service.  It allows you to enrich your job site progress monitoring solution by adding periodic drone flights that provide high-resolution photography and video from a previously unattainable vantage point. SiteCloud-AERIAL is very

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Immediately Capture an Image with On Demand Photos

Immediately Capture an Image with On-Demand Photos Your Sensera Systems camera is not only capable of capturing images on a predetermined schedule (Or upon motion, as is the case with our SiteWatch Pro line of cameras), it is also able to

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See Project Progression by Comparing Images

See Project Progression by Comparing Images To compare images, navigate to the VIEW page in SiteCloud and click the “Compare” icon. This feature allows you to compare two images side by side.  To do this, click the button then select the two

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Automatic and Custom Time-lapse Videos

Table of Contents Automatic and Custom Time-lapse Videos Sensera Systems MC-Series cameras provide users with an automatically created time-lapse video generated daily. You can also generate a separate custom time-lapse video to your specifications. Part I:  Automatic Time-lapse Videos Once a time-lapse

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How to Start Capturing Time-lapse Images  To configure Time-lapse in SiteCloud, first, navigate to the VIEW page, click on the clock iconand select “Configure Time-lapse Schedules”  This will open the time-lapse schedule configuration window, where you can define time-lapse parameters: Schedule – this allows you to capture images

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