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Introduction SiteCloud-AERIAL is Sensera’s new end-to-end turnkey drone photography service.  It allows you to enrich your job site progress monitoring solution by adding periodic drone flights that provide high-resolution photography and video from a previously unattainable vantage point. SiteCloud-AERIAL is very easy

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Automatic and Custom Time-lapse Videos

Sensera Systems MC-Series cameras provide users with an automatically created time-lapse video generated daily. You can also generate a separate custom time-lapse video to your specifications. Part I:  Automatic Time-lapse Videos Once a time-lapse schedule is in place, your Sensera camera automatically

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How to Start Capturing Time-lapse Images

To configure Timelapse, first navigate to the VIEW page, click on the clock icon and select “Configure Timelapse Schedules” This will open the time-lapse schedule configuration window, where you can define time-lapse parameters: Schedule – this allows you to capture images for the

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