Compliment your DVR Footage with High-Frequency LiveView Images in SiteCloud

To access the LiveView menu, first navigate to the VIEW page in SiteCloud, select the Tools icon

and select “Configure LiveView

The LiveView imaging mode captures still images that are uploaded quickly, as they are taken even if you are not logged in or viewing SiteCloud. This allows you to have near real-time eyes on the project, without using the amount of cellular data required by continuous video streaming. It is ideal for remote monitoring throughout the day, to see vehicles, people, and material movement, and detailed project progress. LiveView operates independently of other functions such as DVR, or streaming.

In the Configure LiveView dialog, you are able to choose up to 3 separate schedules with defined hours/days that you want LiveView to run as well as set the desired resolution/frequency. Please note that schedules may not overlap.

LiveView acts as a “recorder” so that images are uploaded every couple minutes, and stored for 7 days. You can login anytime, and browse backward through LiveView images to get a minute-by-minute view of the project in addition to your time lapse images.

LiveView images can also be exported out of the system and enabled for display on the Public Access URL. Go to “Configure Camera” and then to Configure Public Access and then enable “Display LiveView”.