View Multiple Cameras with the SiteCloud Dashboard

Viewing multiple camera feeds as a SiteCloud Administrator is easier than ever with our “Dashboard”.  Users can add ANY number of cameras and customize the layout to display up to 4 cameras per row.  The responsively designed page can also be viewed from a mobile browser by simply logging into your SiteCloud account.

For additional details on the dashboard, continue reading below:

Part I:  Accessing and Configuring your Dashboard

  1. Log into your SiteCloud account
  2. Select “Dashboard” from the top right-hand navigation on the screen
  3. Select the plus sign and choose the camera you’d like to add (Picture A)
  4. Select the particular camera you want in the appropriate pane (Picture B)

Please Note:  You can adjust the number of cameras on a row by selecting the menu button on the top left-hand navigation of the screen (Picture C)

Picture A
Picture B
Picture C

Part II:  Camera Options on Dashboard

A menu is available for every enabled camera on the dashboard and includes the following:
  • Image Scroll:  Use the arrows on either slide to flip through media (newest pictures will display first)
  • Flip By:  Select this drop down list to view images by day, week, or even month
  • TimeLapse:  Select the “Play” button to play your most recent TimeLapse video
  • LiveStream:  Initialize a live feed to see real-time activity at a site
  • Zoom:  Use the available slider to magnify a picture
  • Weather:  Select the umbrella icon to see weather information at the moment an image was taken

Please Note:  Depending on your camera model, you may have all or some of the available options above

Within each camera, an additional drop down list is available with the options below: