Manage Your Projects and Cameras with the Sites Page in SiteCloud

The Sites page displays all your registered Sensera cameras.  Their locations are shown on an interactive map view on the right hand side of the page, and a table with all your Projects and the cameras assigned to each one is on the left hand side.  From this page you can register new cameras, configure your public facing Project Page and Multi-Camera Public Pages, change the Projects your cameras are assigned to, and archive media from completed projects so that your cameras are prepared to start fresh on a new project.

  1. Register New Device Pulldown
  2. Navigation
  3. Multi-Camera Public Access Button
  4. Active Sites Table
    • This is a table of all Sites (projects) in your account.
    • Click on a Site name to expand it and see all the cameras assigned to that Site.
    • Click the “Public Access” link on a Site row to configure the public Project Page for that Site.
    • Click the “Rename” link on a Site to give that Site a new name.
    • Click the “End Project” link on a Site to Archive that site (remove all images from that Site’s cameras and store them in an Archive Site).
  5. Camera List
    • When a Site is expanded (see 4) a list of all cameras assigned to that Site is displayed.
    • Click on the Gear button on a Camera row to make changes to that camera.
      • Request Camera Location Update
      • Manually Set Camera Location
      • Go to the SiteCloud View Page for the camera
      • Change the Site the camera is assigned to
      • Archive the camera (remove all images from that camera and store them in an Archive)
  6. Archived Sites Table
    • This is a table of all Archived Sites (projects) in your account.
    • When a project is completed, you may Archive it, removing all the images from cameras in the Site and storing them in an Archived Site, preparing your cameras for a fresh installation on a new Site.
  7. Map View
    • This is an interactive Google Maps view of the locations of all cameras registered to your account.