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Understanding the Timeline Section

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Understanding the SiteCloud Timeline Section

The Sitecloud Timeline section of the View page displays a timeline of all camera activities.

The “Event Timeline” “Time-lapse” “LiveView” and “All Media” radio buttons will toggle the display between showing the complete event timeline above, and the time-lapse image timeline below.

Hovering your cursor over one of the camera icons will display a thumbnail of that image with a date/timestamp. Clicking on the icon will display that image in the View Pane.

The timespan chooser allows you to select the range of time displayed in the timeline.

The orange slider also allows both scaling and panning the timeline. Dragging either end inward will “zoom in” the timeline. Grabbing the bar and moving left and right will pan the timeline within the range.

The “Notifications” line displays an icon at any point where the system generated a notification.

The “Logs” lines show datalogs that are active. A green line indicates it is not active. A solid blue indicates it is active.

  • On-Demand – This shows the point at which any On Demand images were taken.
  • Time-lapse – This line shows the point at which any Time-lapse images were taken.
  • TL Active – This shows when the Timelapse feature was enabled.
  • Alarms – This displays any alarm conditions reported by the camera (e.g., low-battery). Hovering on the alarm will display the time and date/time of the alarm.
  • LiveView – The line displays the points at which any LiveView images were taken.
  • LV Active – This shows when the LiveView feature was enabled.
  • Live Stream – This shows when Live Streaming was active.

For cameras equipped with a DVR, the Event Timeline will display additional rows of information including

  • DVR Media – This line displays any DVR video clips/images that have been uploaded to the server. Clicking on these icons will display that clip/image in the View screen.
  • DVR –This line shows icons for any video/image clips that are currently stored by the DVR on the camera. Hovering your mouse over this icon will display the time-stamp for that video clip/image. Clicking on that clip/image will upload that clip/image to the SiteCloud server for viewing.

For SiteWatch Series models, if you have enabled the Motion Triggering feature, the Event Timeline will display additional rows of information including:

  • Motion – This line shows when motion events were detected. Hovering over these events displays the exact time/date stamp.
  • Triggered – This line displays photos that were triggered by motion detection.
  • Trig Active – This shows when triggering was active (controlled by Triggering Configuration).
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