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Checking Your Network and Battery/Solar Status

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Checking Your Network and Battery/Solar Status

Network and Camera Battery Strength Window:

Displays a quick view of the network signal strength and battery charge for the selected camera.  Additional details on power, network, account, and node (camera) can be viewed by selecting the arrow on the drop down list.

Network and Battery
  • Power
    • Battery level:  state of charge as a percentage
    • Battery Voltage
    • Temperature
    • Net Power
  • Network
    • Network Type:  displays either as Mobile or WiFi
    • Network Name:  displays the name of a Wi-Fi network or the connection type if using mobile
    • Signal:  displays network strength as a percentage
  • Account
    • Service Plan:  displays purchased mobile GB plan
    • Service Start Date
    • Service End Date
    • Current Usage:  displays GB usage regardless of a Wi-Fi or Mobile service plan
  • Node (Camera)
    • Serial #
    • Free Memory
    • Product Model
    • SW (Software) Version
  • Current Month Data Usage Graph:  displayed as a percentage value
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