Because customers may have a need to provide additional end-users with access to their camera configurations or visibility into the media stored on their SiteCloud account, there are 3 types of users available within SiteCloud – Sensera’s comprehensive software and monitoring service.

These include the SiteCloud Administrator, Master Account and Read-Only (Permission Based). There is also a public URL option that can be posted to a website, project page or shared generally.

SiteCloud Administrator (Account POC):

  • A SiteCloud Administrator serves as the main point of contact (or Account POC) by creating the original login and password used to access SiteCloud
  • This user has the ability to create up to 25 additional “read only” (Permission Based) users
  • The Administrator has full access to the account including all related cameras including the settings to monitor, configure, and manage the camera(s) features
1.  To create a new SiteCloud account, go to
2.  Click the orange button in the upper right hand corner to “Login to SiteCloud
3.  Next, select “Create a new Sensera Webapp Account
4.  Enter the desired Username Email and Password
5.  Click “Submit
6.  Return to the login screen and enter the username and password

Master Account:

  • The Master Account user is typically an additional point of a contact who needs the same administrative access as that of the SiteCloud Administrator
  • This user may be granted access to one or more cameras across different SiteCloud accounts, depending on need
To request a Master Account, please contact and provide the following:
  • Last 4 digits of the camera serial number(s) the user should have access to
  • Include the username
  • Request the account be promoted to a “Master Account

Read-Only Account (Permission Based Access):

  • Read Only users are usually an end-user that doesn’t need full administrative access
  • The SiteCloud Administrator will create the Read Only users unique credentials as follows:
1.  Go to and log in as the SiteCloud Administrator
2.  Click the “Gear” icon in the top-right corner to access your “Account Preferences
3.  Select “Configure Read-Only Access” and then “Create New
4.  Enter the desired username and password, then hit “Save
5.  Next to the read-only account you created, select “Permissions” and choose the desired operations and camera access for your user
6.  Choose “Save
Please note:  A SiteCloud Administrator can add up to 100 Read-Only accounts separately.

Public Access URL:

  • The public access URL is typically used to provide additional end-users the ability to view images or LiveStream on one or more cameras without having administrative access
  • This type of user does not require a username or password to be created
  • SiteCloud Administrators can configure permissions and settings for the public page
For additional information on this feature and setup, click HERE.