Product Return Instructions

Please follow the instructions below and return your non-working item(s) within 14 business days.  Failure to do so may result in additional charges.

Preparing your Return

  1. Ship product being replaced in its original packaging, if possible
  2. Ensure sufficient packing material is used to protect items during shipment
  3. Affix the included return label on the box (Note:  An RMA number is included as part of the return label)
  4. Schedule a FedEx pick-up by calling 1.800.463.3339
  5. You can also drop off the return package at a FedEx location near you

Replacement Camera

If you received a replacement camera, your previous media and settings must be transferred to the new camera.  To transfer the above, follow the steps below:
  1. Email with the Subject Line “Camera Transfer Request”
  2. Confirm you received the new camera
  3. Include the last 4 digits of your OLD camera’s serial number, support case number, OR RMA number
  4. Support will reply once the transfer has been completed

Notes on Returns

  • Returned goods will not be accepted without an RMA number
  • Sensera Systems does not accept liability for products damaged during transit
  • If you are paying for your return, please add Insurance for $1,000 to your shipment
  • Product damage due to neglect or inadequate packaging will void the warranty and/or result in additional charges

For Additional Questions or help, please contact:

Sensera Systems Support Department

  • Phone:  1.800.657.0437 Extension 2