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Hotspot Configuration Guide- MC26, MC78, MC88, SWP2

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Hotspot Configuration Guide-MC26, MC78, MC88, SWP2

For pre-2021 purchased MC26, MC78, MC88, Sitewatch-PRO2 Cameras, and XL Models of MC78, MC88, SW-PRO2. For cameras purchased in 2021 or later, please see the WiFi Mobile App

Part I:  Introduction

Customers who selected a WiFi Service Plan or changed their WiFi credentials will need to follow the steps below and set up your wireless network to prevent mobile plan charges.

Part II: Configuring Hotspot

The below steps must be completed within 5 minutes of activating your camera hotspot.  Failure to do so will result in a timeout and you will need to start again.

  1. Confirm the camera is turned on by looking at the black power button.  A small light should flash every 2-3 seconds
  2. Press and hold the black power button for 3-4 seconds until the light goes solid and release the button (Picture A)
  3. Within a few seconds, the camera will say “Turning on hotspot, please wait.” Shortly after, you will hear “Hotspot is now active.
  4. On your WiFi capable computer or mobile device, open the WiFi connection list
  5. On the WiFi connection list, find and connect to the network named MCCameraXXXX.  The last four (4) digits of your camera’s serial number will appear instead of “X’s” (Picture B)
  6. On the same WiFi capable computer or mobile device, open an internet browser and enter the IP Address into the search bar
  7. On the Sensera page that loaded, click the “Wifi” radio button and enter your WiFi network name (SSID) and password.  Click on “Save Settings” (Picture C)
  8. A loading screen will appear and you will see a “Settings have been saved” message (Picture D)
  9. Deactivate the Hotspot by pressing and holding the black power button 3-4 seconds
  10. Release the black power button once the light turns solid.  Within a few seconds, you will hear “Deactivating hotspot. Thank you!
  11. You have now configured your camera to WiFi

Part III:  Verifying your WiFi Setup

Once you’ve configured your WiFi, confirm and test your setup by doing the following:
  1. Log into your SiteCloud account and make sure you’re on the “View” page
  2. On the top navigation, click on the battery percentage and signal strength drop-down list (Picture E)
  3. Network Type should say “WiFi” and “Network Name” should be what your network name is  (Picture E)
  4. Take an “On-Demand” picture (Picture F)
  5. Ensure your “On-Demand” picture displays under “Captured Images” (Picture G)
  6. If all the above steps pass, you have now successfully verified your setup
Picture E

Part IV:  Additional Notes

  • Ensure you enter the correct WiFi Name and Password and pay close attention to case sensitivity and/or special characters
  • Confirm your camera is on before following the steps outlined above
  • Ensure your WiFi signal is strong enough to reach the physical location of your camera
  • If your WiFi password ever changes, make sure you follow the steps above to update the credential
  • Make sure you are not holding the black power button for more than 9 seconds unless you need to reboot the camera

If the light on the camera’s black power button is not flashing, that may indicate your camera is in dormant mode.  You may follow the steps below to turn it on:

  1. Press the black power button for roughly 1 second, until the light becomes solid
  2. Wait 1-3 minutes until the light begins to flash every 2-3 seconds, indicating the camera is on
  3. You may now proceed with the steps outlined above
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