Managing Your Network and Data Usage

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Monitoring Your Camera’s Data Usage

Depending on the mobile service plan purchased, there are monthly limits to the amount of data used when taking various images, uploading from the DVR, or live streaming.  The amount of data used is reliant on user‐configurable camera settings.  It’s imperative that

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Hotspot Configuration Guide-Second Generation

For MC38, MC68, and SiteWatch-PRO1 Cameras Part I:  Introduction Customers who selected a Wi-Fi Service Plan or changed Wi-Fi credentials will need to follow the steps below and setup your wireless network to prevent mobile plan charges. Note: First and third generation cameras have

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Connect Your Camera to Your Wi-Fi Network

Customers who configure Wi-Fi on their camera will need to ensure their camera status shows “Online” prior to completing the steps below. Please Note:  Users with an MC30 or MC60 camera model will need to follow the steps in the Hotspot Configuration Guide-First

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