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Updating the Camera’s Name and Description

Updating the Camera’s Name and Description in SiteCloud Log into SiteCloud. On the VIEW page, click on the Tools icon. NOTE: This can be accessed on the ARCHIVE page for previous projects as well. Click on Configure Camera. Update the Name and/or

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Reviewing Camera Status and SiteCloud Service Plan Details

Reviewing Camera Status and Sitecloud Service Plan Details Log into SiteCloud. 2. On the VIEW page, expand the signal and battery section. The Battery/Network Status screen contains important information about the battery, internet signal strength, SiteCloud service plan, and camera. Description –

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Registering Your Camera

Registering Your Camera Log into SiteCloud. 2. Click on SITES in the menu. Expand Register New Device. Enter the name for the camera. (This is for your purposes so it can be whatever is valuable to you. Possible options include the name

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Set Up Your SiteWatch PRO2

Set Up your SiteWatch-PRO2 With improved motion detection, night vision, and image/video quality, the SiteWatch-PRO2 offers customers a simple site security solution. Click the following link for full technical specifications on the SiteWatch Pro 2. Before taking the camera to your site for physical

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Understanding the Timeline Section

Understanding the SiteCloud Timeline Section The Sitecloud Timeline section of the View page displays a timeline of all camera activities. The “Event Timeline” “Timelapse” “LiveView” and “All Media” radio buttons will toggle the display between showing the complete event timeline above, and

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Checking Your Network and Battery/Solar Status

Checking Your Network and Battery/Solar Status Network and Camera Battery Strength Window: Displays a quick view of the network signal strength and battery charge for the selected camera.  Additional details on power, network, account, and node (camera) can be viewed by selecting

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