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Managing Accounts

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Creating a New Account

Creating a New Account 1. In Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Edge, go to 2. Click on Create a new SiteCloud Account. 3. Create a Username with at least 5 characters. 4. Enter your Email address. 5. Create a Password with at

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Registering a New Camera to an Existing SiteCloud

Registering a New Camera to an Existing SiteCloud All Sensera cameras are accessed through SiteCloud, Senera’s comprehensive software and monitoring service accessed through a user-friendly, easy to use web portal. This Site Management Software is where camera features are enabled and configured and

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Understanding SiteCloud User Accounts

Understanding SiteCloud User Accounts When accessing SiteCloud, there are two distinct types of user accounts. The Administrator Account to which the camera is registered, and Permission-based User Accounts that are created by the Administrator Account.  Administrator Accounts are typically the main account

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SiteCloud Account Preferences

SiteCloud Account Preferences Account Preferences can be accessed from any page by clicking the “gear” in the upper right corner. The account preferences dialog allows you to configure: Email for Account Point-of-Contact (POC): This field will be pre-populated with the email that

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