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SiteCloud analytics

 SiteCloud Analytics is a unique hardware/ software platform and ecosystem that allows deployment of analytics applications at scale. The platform consists of Sensera Systems’ cameras and SiteCloud software, robust real-time APIs that exchange two-way jobsite imagery in real-time, a flexible set of go-to-market models, and a growing set of off-the-shelf AI/Analytics applications for jobsites.


One of the initial SiteCloud Analytics offerings, LaborTrend, is a completely automated SiteCloud Analytics application for estimating labor levels on jobsites. LaborTrend automatically analyzes jobsite imagery and calculates estimates of total site labor headcount. LaborTrend includes historical reporting and real-time alerting.

  1. Locate the navigation menu in the top left corner of the screen. It may appear as three horizontal lines or a “hamburger” icon.
  2. Click on the navigation menu to open it.
  3. Look for the “Analytics” option in the navigation menu.
  4. Click on the “Analytics” option to open the analytics page.
  5. Once on the analytics page, look for the section that displays information about your jobsite LaborTrend data. This section may be labeled as “LaborTrend” or “Labor Data”.
  6. Above the LaborTrend data, you’ll see time periods such as “Last 30 Days” or “Last 90 Days”. These time periods are configurable, so you can choose to view a different time range by selecting a different option from the dropdown menu.
  7. Within each time period, you’ll see information regarding the estimated number of people on your jobsite. This can help you understand how your labor force is fluctuating over time.
  8. You’ll also see a percentage change in the number of people on your jobsite between the current time period and the previous time period. This can help you identify trends or changes in your labor force.
  9. Below the LaborTrend data, you’ll see a graph that represents your historical LaborTrend data. This graph can help you visualize how your labor force has changed over time.
  10. You can use this information to make informed decisions about your labor force and improve your overall project management.

SiteCloud Analytics
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