Manage Project Risk with DVR

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Manage Project Risk with DVR

To access the DVR menu in SiteCloud, first navigate to the VIEW page and select the Tools icon

and select “Configure DVR


This SiteCloud menu choice allows you to configure the Digital Video Recorder (DVR) options. The configure DVR dialog will allow you to Enable DVR.

To enable DVR, select the “Enable DVR” box at the top left corner. When enabled, the camera will record video clips or images as specified in this configuration. Start date, stop date, and DVR schedule (hours/day and days/week) can be scheduled in this dialog.

You may configure and enable multiple DVR schedules. Click the schedule drop-down to pick which schedule you would like to update. Note: The Start and Stop dates are the same for all of your schedules. Schedules may not overlap.

DVR functions work independently, and in parallel with any other SiteCloud imaging or video streaming functions.

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