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Limited Warranty – Product

Limited Warranty – Product The warranty obligations of SENSERA for products are limited to the terms set forth below. What is Covered This limited warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship in SENSERA products. What is Not Covered This limited warranty does not cover

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Patents and Trademarks

Patents and Trademarks Sensera Systems products include: MC-30 MC-60 MC-38 MC-68 MC26 MC78 MC88 SiteCloud SenseraCameras LiveView SiteWatch Are covered by one or more patents issued or pending including: US D 726,560 S Sensera Systems Patents

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Communications Architecture and Operations

Communications Architecture and Operations The MC-30/MC-60 and SiteWatch-700 Series cameras as well as the MC26 and MC78 cameras are configured to automatically connect to SiteCloud The MC26/MC78 as well as the MC-30/MC-60 and SiteWatch-700 Series cameras have both cellular and WiFi interfaces,

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