Can Construction Solutions Provide Progress and Security Monitoring?

There are absolutely construction solutions that can do both; however, progress and security considerations are usually quite different. With productivity monitoring, you want to see the entire site and each elevation of the build with a focus on progress, accuracy and avoidance of rework. In this case, you would not focus coverage on entry/exit points or materials and equipment. For security, the focus would be reversed with optimal coverage on entry/exit, materials and equipment, and other areas of interest around the site perimeter.

That being said, there are 5 key areas that contractors can achieve additional simultaneous value from the better construction solutions available today:

1. Productivity – Busy Project Managers can access cameras from any location, on any Internet-enabled device, reducing travel costs and time driving from site to site. This real-time, multi-site remote access allows for progress and compliance monitoring, helps avoid costly rework and delays with as-built documentation and collaboration, and simplifies workflow with integrations with today’s most popular construction applications such as Procore®, AutoDesk® BIM360, PlanGrid and more.

2. Collaboration – Site cameras allow project managers, trade partners, owners and other stakeholders to communicate and collaborate with ease. Remote viewing, live video streaming, image compare and markup, automated as-built documentation and even public URL’s can be used to promote transparency and build trust.

3. Security – Construction sites are often the target of theft and vandalism. As discussed above, security cameras can be used to receive critical real-time intelligence 24/7. Motion detected event notification alerts are pushed to an email or mobile device (via SMS/text) including a video clip or images of the triggering event for rapid review and response. 

4. Risk & Safety – Capturing visual documentation of day-to-day site activity, incidents and near misses, as well as conducting real-time site monitoring enables managers to quickly assess compliance with safety requirements and monitor where workers, equipment and materials are in transit to identify potential safety issues. Alerts can easily be setup for entry of restricted access zones.

5. Marketing – Savvy GC’s and developers utilize automated 4K time-lapse video and public URL’s to market and promote their work quality, integrity, environmental responsibility and completed projects. 

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3 Tips for Protecting Your Construction Site During a Shutdown (Part 1)

Tip 1: Using Your Site Cameras for Remote Monitoring & Security

Like many industries, construction has been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. Most major cities have shut down all but essential construction projects, with more likely to follow. As a GC, project manager or superintendent one of your main concerns during this time is protecting your construction site and limiting unnecessary expenses. If your project is temporarily shut down you may be leaving your site, tools and equipment, open to theft and vandalism.

The National Equipment Register estimates that $300 million to $1 billion dollars’ worth of construction equipment is stolen each year, and that’s when job sites aren’t left unattended due to a shutdown. The good news is that many project managers already use site cameras for remote monitoring and progress documentation. During a shutdown, utilizing these cameras for safety, security and monitoring is a smart and cost-effective strategy for protecting your construction site from expensive losses. The key is in thoughtful positioning.

Protect Your Assets
Ensure your site cameras are strategically positioned for comprehensive coverage of the build site, laydown yard, trailers, and heavy equipment.

Monitor Site Entrances
Trespassers may be on your site for reasons other than theft, such as illegal dumping, shelter or mischief, which can lead to vandalism. Placing visible cameras near each entrance or corner of the site can deter such trespassing.

Visible Yet Inaccessible
Make sure your cameras are inaccessible to potential criminals but clearly visible and operational. This means mounting your camera on a pole or nearby building. If the site doesn’t have adequate mounting options, there are convenient alternatives available such as portable telescoping poles or portable trailers that can deploy up to three camera systems at once.

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