SiteWatch Security now available with TalkDown feature. Click here to learn more!
SiteWatch Security now available with TalkDown feature.
Click here to learn more!

SiteCloud Public Safety Solutions.

Advanced offering provides rapidly deployable site intelligence with priority LTE network connectivity for critical operations.

Non-Penetrating Roof Mount, Rapid Deployment
Public Safety - Emergency Response
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LTE Priority Connectivity

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Solar+AC or AC-Only Camera Models and Accessories

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Compact Design

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No Complex Configuration or Setup

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Remote Site Access with Live Streaming

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Real-time & Recorded Video Capture

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Our SiteCloud Public Safety solutions provide maximum flexibility for rapid deployment with priority connectivity

SiteCloud Public Safety enables emergency responders to rapidly deploy rugged, solar, wireless camera solutions on temporary or permanent remote sites with priority network connectivity. It builds on Sensera’s multi-year history supporting municipal and government customers and offers benefits including preemption, mobile broadband priority, wireless priority service, wireless private network, and private network traffic management on the world’s largest cellular carrier. These features help ensure reliable connectivity to Sensera Systems devices during emergency response activities.

Civil Infrastructure Cameras
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4G/LTE & WiFi Connectivity

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Solar + AC or AC Only Models

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Compact Design

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No Complex Configuration or Setup

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Remote Site Access

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Real-time & Recorded Video Capture

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Our civil infrastructure camera solutions provide maximum flexibility for ideal system placement, installation, and use by stakeholders at any level and are easy to setup and use within minutes.

Some cameras systems require an electrician to run power, an IT technician to run Ethernet, two or more workers to heft and install the bulky equipment, and compromises to be made in camera placement to make it all work. Our systems are completely DIY, requiring no power, no Ethernet, and no compromises. When needs change, cameras can be relocated quickly and inexpensively. 

Supports a variety of use-cases and applications 

  • Public Works temporary and construction projects 
  • Utility asset monitoring and remote site security 
  • Parks & Rec public websites 
  • Police special events support 
  • Emergency Response 
  • Environmental remediation documentation 
  • Enforcement of littering and dumping laws 
  • Watershed and flood monitoring 

We were looking for a cost effective site camera that provided a flexible public page and sharing feature to keep all our stakeholders engaged in the project. Sensera Systems cameras offered time-lapse, LiveView, recording and video streaming. The fact that they are solar powered, and wireless allows us to move the cameras as this large project progresses and simplifies installation and lowers our costs. The public URL feature made it easy for us to share real-time progress with all the stakeholders.

Not only are our systems quick and easy to install at the beginning of a project, they’re also simple to relocate for alternative views or for temporary deployments. Our solutions are also ‘multi-function’ providing live video streaming, continuous video recording, high-resolution image capture, intrusion detection and notification and more.

real-time eyes on site for critical operations of every size and situation.

Sensera’s SiteCloud Public Safety solutions consist of solar/wireless cameras, SiteCloud software and service, specially priced unlimited LTE cellular plans, and optional accessories for turn-key rapid deployment on temporary and permanent sites. System can be set up and accessed via web/mobile in minutes with no special training. 

Public Safety Fire Department2
Public Safety - Emergency Response2

SiteCloud Public Safety solutions are available for qualified Public Sector end users only

We’ve made it possible to have comprehensive 24/7 real-time viewing and capture of your entire site. No contracts and no hidden fees.

485111    Mixed Mode Transit Systems (Rail/Bus)

485112    Commuter Rail Systems

621910   Ambulance Services

921110    Executive Offices

921150   American Indian and Alaska Native Tribal Governments

921190   Other General Government Support

922110   Courts

922120   Police Protection

922130   Legal Counsel and Prosecutions

922150   Parole Offices and Probation Offices

922160   Fire Protection (except private)

922190   Other Justice, Public Sector, and Safety Activities

923120   Administration of Public Health Services

924110    Administration of Air and Water Resource and Solid Waste       
                 Management Programs

926120   Regulation and Administration of Transportation Programs

926150   Regulation, Licensing, and Inspection of Misc. Commercial

926130   Regulation and Administration of Comms, Electric, Gas, and
                 Other Utilities

928110   National Security


Ultra High-Definition Cameras

Fixed-Position Solar-powered Camera

Fixed Cameras

Check out our line of all-weather Fixed Cameras with solar options. Offering MC26, MC78, and MC88.

Solar-powered Security Camera

Security Cameras

Check out our all-weather, solar-powered Sitewatch Pro Security Camera.

PTZ cameras

PTZ Cameras

Check out our all-weather PTZ Cameras

Including SiteCloud™

Cloud-based remote site monitoring

All Sensera jobsite solutions are powered by Sensera’s SiteCloud™ platform which provides easy-to-use, 100% web-based software for viewing, monitoring, and sharing real-time site data.
SiteCloud by Sensera Systems
Cloud Hosted Application
SiteCloud software and service

Real stories That show how Sensera makes a real difference


SiteWatch PRO2

Sensera Systems’ SiteWatch PRO2 smart security cameras combine thermal, low-light and color cameras with video analytics and 4G LTE communications in one integrated system. This intelligent remote monitoring solution is perfect for 24/7 surveillance capable of real-time alert notifications (pushed to your email or mobile device via SMS). 

SiteWatch PRO 2 Security Cameras
June 2021
Access Your Camera 24/7 1080p video streaming and recording (configurable) Low-light detection w/ sensitive 1.3MP B/W camera Long-range motion detection covers large areas with fewer cameras Low-latency triggered image/video capture Schedule and automate capture of still images
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Civil Infrastructure Camera Case Studies

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