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XL Models with Extended 10 Day Power Supply

Solar power is standard on all of our construction cameras and our systems are built to withstand the toughest conditions — from the wilds of Alaska to downtown Manhattan.  

If you have a project in a location with limited sunlight, adverse weather, or shading from canyons or nearby buildings in urban settings, our new XL line of solar-powered cameras with extended 10 day battery backup are just the ticket for ultra remote and extreme jobsite monitoring and time-lapse.

Introducing our XL extended power feature for challenging environments, with 2X the solar power and double the battery capacity! Available on the MC78, MC88 and SiteWatch-PRO 2 models.

Available on MC78, MC88 and SiteWatch-PRO2:

Two 35 Watt Solar Panels

Integrated LiFePO4 Batteries

Up to 10 days battery backup

Quick battery recharging

Requires no other power supply

Green, energy-efficient footprint

XL Extended Solar Datasheet


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