Off-Grid Monitoring for Adverse Conditions. Twice the Solar. Double the Battery Backup.

New! XL Models with Extended 10 Day Power Supply

Solar power is standard on all of our construction cameras and our systems are built to withstand the toughest conditions — from the wilds of Alaska to downtown Manhattan.

If you have a project in a location with limited sunlight, adverse weather, or shading from canyons or nearby buildings in urban settings, our new XL line of solar-powered cameras with extended 10 day battery backup are just the ticket for ultra remote and extreme jobsite monitoring and time-lapse.

Introducing our XL extended power feature for challenging environments, with 2X the solar power and double the battery capacity! Available on the MC78, MC88 and SiteWatch-PRO 2 models.

Available on MC78, MC88 and SiteWatch-PRO2:

Two 35 Watt Solar Panels

Integrated LiFePO4 Batteries

Up to 10 days battery backup

Quick battery recharging

Requires no other power supply

Green, energy-efficient footprint

Click here to download the MC78-XL Extended Solar Power Datasheet

Click here to download the MC88-XL Extended Solar Power Datasheet

Click here to download the SiteWatch Pro2-XL Extended Solar Power Datasheet

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