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Safety and Efficiency on Jobsites

The Future of Safety and Efficiency on Jobsites

The Insurance Industry Helps Point the Way

By David Gaw, Founder, CEO – Sensera Systems

The insurance industry has been criticized as being slow to “digitize”. For the Construction industry however, they seem to be helping lead the way. Executives from several leading insurance groups point out four important safety and efficiency impacts real-time video monitoring brings to construction:

  1. Promotes Safety – Video monitoring can: enable the capture of incidents and near misses; help project safety teams correct bad habits sooner; and enable remote oversight of safety compliance.
  2. Promotes Productivity – Real-time video provides project teams with: increased awareness of where and when resources should be allocated; identify issues, as-built, to avoid unnecessary re-work; and identify areas of risk. Detailed visual documentation provides a clear benefit when it comes to quality and safety. In essence, it provides another ‘set of eyes’ on the job site to help identify and correct issues, in order to avoid losses and violations.
  3. Lessens Burden for Subcontractors – Video monitoring and automated visual documentation help support the relationship between the Contractor and subcontractors by substantiating work was done correctly. Having visual documentation greatly simplifies resolving defect claims by showing: who did each part of the job; whether the job was done correctly; and when the work was completed.
  4. Assist in the Claims Process – Having good visual documentation can expedite the claims process and avoid ‘he-said-she-said’ scenarios. Often a claim involves only one subcontractor. Having visual documentation can help avoid having multiple subcontractors looped into a claims process that is not relevant to them.

The benefits of video monitoring are clear to insurance experts;  “I think they are going to be pretty ubiquitous on any job site of reasonable size,” said Adrien Robinson, Head of construction, Inland Marine & Complex Casualty, the Hartford.

As GCs begin to learn more about the benefits, the inhibitors to adoption of video monitoring technologies are crumbling. Robinson points out, “Cameras are not new, but some of the basics of these technologies have vastly improved over the last few years. The cost of cameras has decreased rapidly, and the quality of the video has improved dramatically… you also have Cloud storage capabilities and artificial intelligence.”

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